Carbon-loaded Microwave Absorbers
The ECCOSORB® AN HR series carbon-loaded foam microwave absorber materials are lightweight, offer good broadband absorption and are cut easily to specific shapes. The products can be supplied in preconfigured shapes to meet customer specifications. The units are available with peel-and-stick adhesives with a coating (to reduce dusting), a metal back and a dielectric film layer. For outdoor use the weatherproofed AN-W series is also available. Applications for the specular absorbers include lining high performance shrouded antennas to reduce back radiation, lining antenna caps for testing aircraft surface-mounted antennas, lining antenna housings to improve antenna performance, lining shielded antenna test boxes, reducing RF interference around antenna feeds and improving the performance of antennas mounted on ground planes.
Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products, Randolph, MA (800) 650-5740 or (781) 961-9600.

Wire Mesh Gaskets
These metal-based EMI shielding gaskets include a broad range of products, including knitted wire mesh, mesh over elastomer core, oriented wires in elastomers and metal screen-impregnated elastomers. The gaskets provide 60 to 100 dB of EMI shielding between 20 MHz and 10 GHz. The units are typically applied in seams and apertures in metal enclosures. The company’s manufacturing technology provides economical, quality wire mesh EMI gaskets in bulk and pre-cut custom lengths. New mesh cutting and termination technology eliminates frayed ends. High speed wire knitting, secondary mesh-forming processes and foam core design and manufacture are used to develop and produce a wide variety of standard and custom metal-based shielding products. Typical wire mesh prices start at less than 25¢ per foot.
Chomerics, a division of Parker Hannifin Corp., Woburn, MA (781) 939-4163.

Telecommunication Enclosures
These standard and custom aluminum die cast and sheet metal enclosures feature integral environmental, EMI, RFI and ESD seals and gaskets for use in the telecommunication industry. The turnkey assemblies are suitable for use in areas where moisture and high electronic noise are common, such as cellular telephone base station enclosures, amplifiers and switching equipment. Detailed machining and finishes with decorative/protective coatings are available to meet any telecommunication and corporate standard. With on-site applications engineers, carrier-to-noise ratio machining and a full tool and die shop, companies can quickly produce prototypes and production parts for demanding schedules. All parts can be finished or machined with seals and gaskets molded in place prior to delivery. Integral seals and gaskets are precision molded or extruded elastomers with both metal and fabric impregnation, Teflon skin and combinations of elastomers to meet all environmental and EMI requirements.
Alloy Die Casting Co., Buena Park, CA (714) 521-9800.