TRAK Microwave, a Smiths Interconnect brand, is pleased to re-announce TRAK X-Band Surface Mount (SMT) Circulators after initial market adoption and installation. These units are low-cost, true pick-and-place compatible (tape-and-reel) components with standard solder reflow profiles. They are designed to replace “drop-in” and microstrip style circulators. They provide a 10% bandwidth at X-Band, a minimum of 20 dB isolation, and 0.45 dB maximum insertion loss. These devices offer up to 20 W cw of power handling in a 0.25” square by 0.066” high package, and an operating temperature of -40C to +85C. These circulators also offer high performance with minimal impact on real estate. They greatly reduce additional costs by eliminating custom mounting configurations required with other circulator styles. They will easily install onto your CCA/PWB exactly the same as other SMT components. These innovative circulators are optimal for phased array radar antennas as well as EW and Communications systems applications.

Coming soon is a 30% bandwidth version in a 0.35” square package, and a new S-Band model in a 0.75” square package.

For more information and to request pricing, visit our High Performance Ferrite Circulators page. To gain more insight on the technological achievement of this Ferrite SMT device, watch our videos on YouTube.