Mini-Circuits’ EPQ-113+ is a wideband 5 to11 GHz, 90° hybrid. It splits an input signal into two output signals with quadrature phase shift between them. It provides low loss, wideband in a small layout size and handles high power with good VSWR.

The Big Deal

  • Wideband (5-11 GHz)
  • Good Isolation and Return Loss
  • Highly repeatable performance (GaAs based design)
  • No external termination required
  • High power handling (>30dBm)
  • Small Size MCLP 4x4mm


Small Size
Advantages:  The EPQ-113+ offers an industry leading combination of size, bandwidth and frequency. The  small footprint (4mm x4 mm) allows for reduced parasitics in systems with improved performance and simplified layout.       
Low Phase and Amplitude Unbalance
Advantages:  3.7 deg. and 0.8 dB unbalance make this 90° hybrid applicable for use in higher level integrated components such as image reject mixers, single sideband modulators, phase shifters, variable attenuators, and balance amplifiers.
High Power Handling
Advantages:  Capable of operating up to 32 dBm, MMIC structure of EPQ-113+ makes this 90° hybrid a robust, rugged product that can be used effectively in either the transmit or receive paths


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