It is that time of year again, everyone makes their predictions for the next year. Swami Hindle gives his 10 predictions for 2018 along with contributions from leading companies including Analog Devices' John Cowles, Skyworks' Peter Gammel and MathWorks' Ken Karnofsky plus National Instruments and Keysight. Please read through them and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Swami Hindle's 2018 Predictions:

  1. Swami Hindle3.5 GHz 5G service will begin deployment around the world.
  2. Pre-5G Fixed Wireless Access at 28 GHz will be deployed in dozens of cities in the US by Verizon and AT&T.
  3. IoT will struggle to catch on in many markets because of confusion of multiple types of networks and protocols.
  4. New antenna technologies enabled by such things as metamaterials, 3D printing and fractal geometries will make a significant impact on the market.
  5. Autonomous vehicles will qualify for deployment in 2020.
  6. GaN on Si will prove itself in certain applications and drive down the cost to LDMOS levels (GaN on SiC will still be more widely used)
  7. There will be dozens of drone incidents that will make the drone detection/defeat market take off
  8. The military will concentrate on building stealth drones with EW capabilities
  9. Photonics will become more practical and take some microwave engineers into the field
  10. Wireless charging will become widely available and enable new commercial, industrial and medical applications.