Integrated Circuits

Integrated Data Tuner Solution
This low power, high performance integrated data tuner solution consists of an integrated upconverter with a surface-acoustic wave filter and an integrated downconverter with a dual-synthesizer. The tuner conserves printed circuit board real estate while enabling high speed data, video and voice-over-cable and features the lowest power consumption for cable set-top, cable modem and cable telephony applications. Designed specifically to support the latest 256 quadrature amplitude modulation digital formats, the tuner solution reduces component count, minimizes power consumption and offers DOCSIS-compliant performance essential for next-generation cable devices. Price: $7.50 (10,000).
ANADIGICS Inc., Warren, NJ (908) 668-5000.

LNA/Mixer 900 MHz Downconverter
The model RF2461 low noise amplifier (LNA)/mixer 900 MHz downconverter is a complete receiver front-end that provides good noise figure and linearity performance for dual-mode CDMA/FM cellular applications. In addition to its digitally controlled LNA gain, mixer gain and power-down mode, the RF2461 also features adjustable IIP3 of the LNA and mixer bias current using an off-chip current-setting resistor. The unit can be digitally controlled between two levels, reducing current draw in CDMA standby and other situations that do not require high IIP3 while offering a 30 dB stepped gain control range as it amplifies and downconverts RF signals. Typical noise figure is 1.8 dB (RF2461), 1.8 dB (LNA) and 5.7 (mixer). Designed specifically for CDMA/FM cellular systems and general-purpose downconversion for various battery-powered equipment applications, the unit is housed in an LPCC-20 package that measures 4 mm ´ 4 mm. Price: $1.87 (in quantities exceeding 10,000).
RF Micro Devices Inc. (RFMD), Greensboro, NC (336) 664-1233.

Single-chip, Zero-IF, ISM-band Transceiver
The model NT2903 Chip-Ceiver™ is reportedly the world’s first fully integrated, single-chip, FM/FSK transceiver utilizing a unique, direct-conversion, zero-IF architecture. This approach allows a 30 to 40 percent reduction in total component count compared to a superheterodyne receiver. The Chip-Ceiver offers full duplex operation in any 26 MHz band from 400 to 1000 MHz on a 2.7 to 3.3 V supply and integrates on-chip, dual VCOs, dual phase-locked loops, a reference oscillator, a quadrature mixer, baseband filters, AGC and a patented tankless discriminator. In addition, the device utilizes a direct modulation scheme, which can accept either analog or digital signals. Tuning is accomplished via a three-wire serial interface. Power output is 1.5 dBm. The device is fabricated as a monolithic BiCMOS IC and is available in a TQFP-48 (7 mm) package. Price: $4.63 (10,000). A fully functional evaluation board is also available for $199.
NUMA Technologies Inc., Naples, FL (941) 591-8008.