IDT announced that more than 20 of its RF products are now available as drop-in modular blocks using X-Microwave’s X-MWblocks™ system. The initial portfolio of products includes switches, mixers, digital step attenuators (DSA), voltage variable attenuators (VVA), variable gain amplifiers (VGA), wideband RF synthesizers and phase-lock loops (PLL).

Products will be added to X-Microwave’s catalog, with the latest list available at

X-Microwave offers a modular building block eco-system of RF and microwave drop-in components, as well as test and prototyping accessories. X-MWblocks enable quick prototyping and evaluation of complex microwave subsystems, reducing product development risk. The modular system supports low-rate production, further compressing time-to-market.

IDT offers a portfolio of innovative RFICs for wireless and CATV infrastructure, test and measurement and industrial applications, primarily below 6 GHz. IDT’s products use silicon technologies and innovative architectures to improve noise figure and linearity, key requirements for high data rate communications.

More information about IDT's product portfolio is available at the RF products webpage or by contacting an IDT sales representative.

Duncan Pilgrim, general manager of IDT's RF group, said, “IDT's customers will now have access to our industry-best RF products, coupled with complete design tools, to address every phase of the development process, from concept to prototype to production hardware.”

John Richardson, president and founder of X-Microwave, said, “X-Microwave is happy to have established a partnership with IDT, an innovative leader in the RF market.”