Modelithics, Inc. has released the Modelithics® COMPLETE Library version 17.5 for use with the Keysight EEsof EDA Advanced Design System (ADS) simulation software. This release brings full compatibility with ADS 2017 and, as always, adds new models and several advanced features to make the models even more powerful for designers.

Modelithics COMPLETE version 17.5 for ADS has a total of 40 new models, and 26 of the new models are passive component capacitor, inductor and resistor (CLR) models with parts from Presidio, Coilcraft, AVX, Piconics, ATC, Johanson, Murata, Samsung and TDK. New active device models include those for a Skyworks Schottky diode and a CEL transistor, and new system-level component models are available for a MACOM amplifier and a Skyworks switch. S-parameter file-based models have been added to the library for Guerrilla RF LNAs, Vanguard inductors and transformers.

The CLR models are now compatible with Keysight built-in convolution and are capable of parasitic transient response. Previously, transient analysis was based on ideal components. Two new advanced pad features have been added to dynamic pad CLR models. “Pad_Angle” allows the designer to adjust the connection point of the model pad to adjacent circuit elements by ±90 degrees. “PadInModel” gives options on how much of the built-in pad is included in the simulation, including a shunt option that simplifies the simulation and layout in designs where components are mounted in shunt directly on a microstrip line. The release notes have more information on the new models and new features.

Modelithics offers a free evaluation library, Modelithics SELECT+, which can be downloaded from the Modelithics website: A more comprehensive trial and university use library, Modelithics EXEMPLAR, is also available by request and has a subset of the models in the Modelithics COMPLETE Library, with all models needed to run the many example projects found on the Modelithics website.