Skyworks Solutions announced that its connectivity front-end ICs are enabling next generation tracking devices from XY Findables. Skyworks' Bluetooth® ICs help to both increase battery life and nearly double range, compared to other personal item finders.

Ever lose your keys or mobile phone? According to XY, the average person spends approximately five hours a month searching for misplaced items like TV remotes, keys, smartphones, eyewear, wallets and purses. A recent report from the European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency forecast that personal tracking devices will become the fastest growing market within the location based services (LBS) sector, expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18 percent between 2016 and 2025.

Arie Trouw, CEO of XY, said, "By leveraging Skyworks' fully integrated solutions, we were able to accelerate the introduction of the most powerful Bluetooth item finder available today. XY4+'s platform radically improves performance and extends battery life up to five years, supporting our goal of providing consumers both peace of mind and assistance when locating their most valuable items."

John O'Neill, vice president of product marketing for Skyworks, commented, "As part of our ambitious vision to connect everyone and everything all the time, we are delighted to partner with innovative companies like XY Findables to offer our system-level expertise and broad product portfolio."