Anokiwave, Inc. announced the next product in its family of millimeter wave phased array antenna innovator’s kits, the AWA-0134, driven by Anokiwave's AWMF-0108 28 GHz 5G Quad Core IC, with embedded functions for remote telemetry and low-latency steeringTM.

The AWA-0134 is a 28 GHz, 256-element, reconfigurable, active electronically scanned antenna for 5G millimeter wave communications. The AWA-0134 represents the first commercially available 256-element phased array at 28 GHz, enabling the development and measurement of radio links and channel models and rapid prototyping and testing of radio links with electronically steered beams with low-latency beam update rates. Developed with Ball Aerospace, the AWA-0134 includes an integrated controller that can steer the beams to predetermined positions within a wide scan volume, with minimal latency and system sensitivity.

Ian Gresham, an Anokiwave Technology Fellow, said,

We are one of the first companies to have ICs that enable 5G antenna makers to show a real-time 5G link, and this product will further enable the OEMs to continue progress in their 5G rollout. The array is based on our 28 GHz 5G quad core IC and allows for real-time active beam steering applications in a single 256-element or in a 4 x 64 element configuration that enables 4 x 4 MIMO testing. With full flexibility in the choice of waveform stimulus and timing-control, the array is another enabling technology product for the evaluation and development of 5G networks.


The AWA-0134 Innovator’s kits are available now. Customers may also license the technology for their own array development activities.