Pulsed Amplifier/Transmitter
The series 1134 pulsed amplifier/transmitter operates over the 1030 to 1090 MHz frequency range with a frequency stability of ±10 kHz over the operating range. RF power is rated up to 2500 W (pk) and duty cycle is up to 10 percent. Harmonic suppression is 30 dBc, pulse width is 32 µs (max) and operating temperature range is -45° to +75°C.
Technical Services Laboratory Inc. (TSL), Fort Walton Beach, FL (850) 243-3722.

50 W GaAs FET Power Amplifier
The model ARD88258-50 power amplifier operates over the 800 to 2500 MHz frequency band with 50 W of output power at 1 dB compression point. Gain is 47 dB (min) with a noise figure of 10 dB (typ). An integral IEEE-488 interface provides full monitoring and control of all amplifier functions.
Comtech PST, Melville, NY (516) 777-8900.

PCS and Broadband Amplifiers
The models JCA12-PC08 and JCA08-B01 amplifiers cover the 1710 to 1910 MHz and 0.1 to 8.0 GHz frequency range, respectively. The JCA12-PC08 exhibits nominal gain of 40 dB, noise figure of 1.3 dB (typ), gain response of ±0.5 dB (typ) and IP3 of +42. Input/output SWR is 2.0. This unit features a compact, drop-in style package. The JCA08-B01 features a minimum gain of 25 dB, gain flatness of ±1.5 dB, power output of +20 dBm and noise figure of 3.0 (typ). Input/output power SWR is 2.0. This unit includes SMA removable connectors for drop-in and microstrip applications. Both units can be customized to provide optimal performance for a customer’s individual requirements.
JCA Technology Inc., Camarillo, CA (805) 445-9888.

Cellular and PCS Low Noise Amplifiers
These compact, dual-low noise amplifiers (DLNA) offer good noise figure and intercept performance. The DLNA packages feature high isolation and low current operation and offer typical noise figures of 1 dB. Typical intercept point is greater than +40 dBm. Available in both low and high gain models, the amplifiers are well suited for OEM cellular base stations, and PCS mini- and microcells as well as AMPS, GSM, TDMA and CDMA formats.
Narda Microwave-East, a division of L-3 Communications, Hauppauge, NY (516) 231-1700.

8 - 12 GHz Amplifier
The model MSH-6642601 amplifier delivers output power of 1 W at a 1 dB compression point. Operating from 8 to 12 GHz, the amplifier can be used as a traveling-wave tube driver and on testing platforms for military and commercial applications. The amplifier also includes an internal voltage regulator and operates at +15 V DC while providing over-voltage and reverse-polarity protection. Noise figure is 3.0 (max), gain is 40 dB and input/output SWR is 2.0. Designed with GaAs FETs and hybrid technology, the amplifier is unconditionally stable. (Low phase and TTL designs also are available.) Delivery: stock to four weeks (ARO).
Microwave Solutions Inc., National City, CA (619) 474-7500.

210 - 710 MHz Log Amplifier
The model MCWL-4-4562 wideband, sub-miniature logarithmic amplifier instantaneous-ly covers an ultrawide RF input frequency range of 200 to 700 MHz. Log linearity is ±1.0 dB (typ), log video slope is 30 mV/dB ±10 percent as defined by the best fit straight line of video output voltage. SWR is less than 2.0 and limited IF output power is -2 dBm (nom) measured over a typical input signal range of -65 to +5 dBm. The unit requires a power supply of ±5 V with total consumption of less than 1 W and is best suited for next-generation electronic warfare and high performance commercial applications. Price: $1100 (5-9).
Signal Technology, Olektron Operation, Beverly, MA (978) 524-7211.

Medium Power RF Amplifiers
The models PA512 and SMPA512 medium power RF amplifiers operate in the 10 to 500 MHz frequency range while generating up to +27.5 dBm at 1 dB compression point. Third-order intercept point is +33 dBm and small-signal gain level is 17 dB. The units are available in hermetic packaging in both TO-8 and surface mount. An SMA connector version is optional.
Stellex Microwave Systems Inc., Palo Alto, CA (800) 321-8075.

RF Power Amplifier
The model GRF2035 high power, solid-state RF power amplifier utilizes linear power devices that provide good linearity, high gain and wide dynamic range. Designed for linear applications in the PCS frequency range, the amplifier also features a built-in, voltage-regulated bias supply, and electromagnetic and RF interference filters. High efficiency operation is achieved by employing unique microstrip networks and advanced GaAs FET devices.
Ophir RF, Los Angeles, CA (310) 306-5556.

Broadband Solid-state Power Amplifier
The model P/N 30005-201 high power, broadband solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) operates from 15 V DC with quiescent current of 2.0 A. Designed specifically for use in commercial or military systems, the SSPA has a 1 dB compression point of 39 dBm. Noise figure is less than 4 dB and power-added efficiency is greater than 25 percent. Gain is > 20 dB from 1.0 to 3.2 GHz, gain flatness across any 200 MHz bandwidth is < ±0.5 dB, input SWR is < 2.0 and output SWR is < 1.5. Input and output connectors are SMA female standard. Size: 6.50" x 3.25" x 1.00".
Aethercomm Inc., San Marcos, CA (760) 598-4340.