The following booth numbers are complete as of June 29, 2017.

20 dB DC Pass High Power Bi-Directional Coupler

Mini-Circuits                Booth 202
20 dB DC Pass High Power Bi-Directional Coupler

Mini-Circuits’ ZGBDC20-33H+ broadband high power bi-directional coupler offers excellent performance across a wide range of popular frequency bands. Built using low loss suspended substrate construction, the ZGBDC20-33H+ can pass up to 3A of DC current from input to output and handle up to 50 W CW. Rugged sealed construction makes this coupler ideal for use in field applications or remote monitoring sites; however, it is also ideal for high power lab testing.

DC Pass, High Power Bi-Directional Coupler

DC Pass, High Power Bi-Directional Coupler
Mini-Circuits BDCH-10-63 ultra wide band high-power bi-directional coupler covers frequencies from 2000 to 6000 MHz with high power handling up to 100 W and insertion loss of 0.1 dB Typ. The ultra wide band supports a wide variety of applications from S-band and C-band radar through various cellular base station applications, UHF and SHF power monitoring up to 6000 MHz. The coupler is designed into an open printed laminate (0.2" × 0.56" × 0.08") with wrap-around terminations for good solderability and easy visual inspection.

Surface Mount Voltage Variable Equalizer

Surface Mount Voltage Variable Equalizer
The VAEQ-1220+ is a 50Ω Voltage Variable Equalizer built into a shielded case (size of .394" × .394" × .150", 10  × 10 × 3.8 mm). This model offers excellent performance over a wide frequency range of 50 to 1220 MHz with the variable slope providing great flexibility in a small 10 mm package. The VAEQ-1220+ is often used to compensate RF chain gain flatness or cable loss versus frequency.

Coaxial Matching Pad

Coaxial Matching Pad
Mini-Circuits’ UNMP-R5075-33+ is a coaxial 50/75Ω matching pad covering the DC to 3000 MHz frequency range, supporting impedance matching in a wide range of systems. This model is ideal for 50/75Ω impedance matching in systems where minimizing overall signal loss is a priority. The matching pad is housed in a rugged unibody construction with N-Male (50Ω) to N-Female (75Ω) connectors.


Coaxial Power Splitter/Combiner

Coaxial Power Splitter/Combiner
Mini-Circuits’ ZC10PD-26W+ is a 10-way 0° splitter/combiner providing 10W RF power handling as a splitter across the 2250 to 2800 MHz range, covering a variety of applications including cellular, ISM and more. It provides a high port-count with low insertion loss, high isolation and low amplitude unbalance, making this model ideal for systems requiring distribution of signal into many channels. The splitter/combiner comes housed in a rugged aluminum alloy case (6.13 × 3.00 × 0.53") with SMA connectors.

USB/RS232/SPI Programmable Attenuator

USB/RS232/SPI Programmable Attenuator
Mini-Circuits’ RUDAT-13G-60 is a general purpose, single channel programmable attenuator suitable for a wide range of signal level control applications from 10 MHz to 13 GHz. The attenuator provides 0 to 60 dB attenuation in 0.5 dB steps. Its unique design maintains linear attenuation change per dB, even at the highest attenuation settings. The attenuator is housed in a compact and rugged package with SMA female connectors on the bi-directional input and output RF ports, a standard 9 pin D-Sub and a USB type Mini-B power and control ports.

FLEX TEST Armored Test Cable

FLEX TEST Armored Test Cable
Mini-Circuits’ APC-4FT-SMNM+ is a wideband, armored test cable supporting a wide range of applications from DC to 18 GHz. APC-series test cables fea-ture extra-rugged, crush resistant construction, ideal for demanding production floor environments where heavy machinery is used. This model is 4 ft. in length with SMA-Male to N-Male connectors and provides low insertion loss, excellent return loss, and superior stability of insertion loss, VSWR, and phase versus flexure. Like all Mini-Circuits test cables, the APC-4FT-SMNM+ has been performance qualified to 20,000 bend cycles and comes with our 6 month guarantee.

USB/Ethernet RF Switch Matrix

USB/Ethernet RF Switch Matrix
Mini-Circuits’ RC-1SP6T-A12 is a general purpose RF switch matrix controlled via either USB or Ethernet-TCP/IP (supports HTTP and Telnet protocols). The model contains an electromechanical SP6T, absorptive fail-safe RF switch constructed in break-before-make configuration and powered by +24 VDC with switching time of 25 ms typical. The RF switch operates over a wide frequency band from DC to 12 GHz, has low insertion loss (0.2 dB typical) and high isolation (90 dB typical) making the switch matrix perfectly suitable for a wide variety of RF applications.

DC Pass, Ultra-Thin Power Splitter/Combiner

DC Pass, Ultra-Thin Power Splitter/Combiner
Mini-Circuits’ ZN6PD1-63SMP+is a 6-way 0° splitter/combiner supporting a wide variety of applications from 600 to 6000 MHz. This model is capable of handling up to 20 W RF input power as a splitter and provides low insertion loss, high isolation. It comes housed in an ultra-thin, aluminum alloy case (9.50" × 4.25" × 0.43") with SMP snap-on connectors, saving space in crowded system layouts.

DC Pass Power Splitter/Combiner

DC Pass Power Splitter/Combiner
Mini-Circuits’ ZN4PD-02183+ is a 4-way 0° ultra-wideband splitter/combiner supporting a wide range of applications from 2 to 18 GHz. This model is capable of handling up to 30W RF input power as a splitter with low insertion loss across its full frequency range, providing excellent signal power transmission from input to output. It delivers nearly equal output signals with low amplitude unbalance and low phase unbalance, and excellent isolation minimizing interference between channels.


Orbel          Booth 117

Since 1961, Orbel’s custom design and manufacturing process has enabled unique engineered solutions for a variety of applications and industries. From conception through delivery, Orbel offers today’s most effective EMI/RFI shielding, photo-etched precision metal parts, precision metal stampings and electroplated metal foils. Areas of specialization include aerospace, telecommunications, electronics, medical, automotive and manufacturing.

Ophir RF Inc.

Ophir RF Inc.               Booth 204
Solid State Broadband High-Power RF Amplifier

The 5304050 is a 10 W broadband amplifier that covers the 6 to 18 GHz frequency range. This small and lightweight amplifier utilizes class AB linear GaN devices that provide an excellent third order intercept point, high gain and a wide dynamic range. Due to robust engineering and employment of the most advanced devices and components, this amplifier achieves high efficiency operation with proven reliability. Like all Ophir RF amplifiers, the 5304050 comes backed by Ophir RF’s commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Maury Microwave

Maury Microwave        Booth 205
Measurement and Modeling Device Characterization Solutions

Exceptional companies have superior labs—complete your lab with Maury Microwave! Maury, a leader in measurement and modeling device characterization solutions, VNA calibration accessories and interconnections, will be showcasing active and hybrid-active harmonic load pull solutions, LXI™-certified mechanical impedance tuners, pulsed IV/RF compact transistor modeling as well as coaxial and waveguide VNA calibration kits and metrology adapters, in-stock color-coded precision and daily-use adapters and test-port, phase-stable and value cable assemblies. Visit us for details, demos, deals and NPIs!

MCV Microwave

MCV Microwave          Booth 206
Removable Connectors for Drop-In

MCV Microwave high frequency cavity and planar filters for 5G system integration include very wide-band bandpass filter covering from 10 to 30 percent bandwidth, having low insertion loss and moderate rejection. MCV Microwave also offers extremely narrow-band notch filters, as narrow as 0.3 percent bandwidth, having very sharp roll-off and high rejection. Excellent ultimate rejection and good passband matching or 14 dB return loss are achieved in both surface mount and drop-in packages in a very small footprint for X-, Ku- and Ka-Band.

RCL Microwave Inc.

RCL Microwave Inc.    Booth 207
Non-Destructive Broadband Thin Film Dielectric Characterization

RCL Microwave Inc. specializes in non-destructive broadband thin film dielectric characterization. We use the phase differential method to achieve a high degree of accuracy for a wide range of dielectric constants and loss tangents. Material thicknesses from 20 to 1000 microns can be accommodated in the company’s non-destructive test fixture. Please contact RCL today at 877-387-6125 for a free quote.


WEST•BOND Inc.        Booth 208
Wedge Bonder/Ball Bonder Combination Machines

West•Bond offers wedge bonder/ball bonder combination machines, as well as die bonders that combines both epoxy and eutectic methods in one chassis. Between these two series you can bond most any product in the microelectronic industry. Since 1966, West•Bond has been a design and manufacturer of assembly and test equipment for the microelectronic industry, including automatic, semiautomatic and manual ESD protected bonders with ultrasonic, thermosonic and thermocompression wire/ribbon capability.


ANSYS      Booth 209
Electro-Thermal Design Flow

ANSYS will demonstrate its new electro-thermal design flow developed to support high-frequency design from layout, inclusion of signal integrity, power integrity, EMI, thermal and structural reliability. As power density within digital electronics and microwave systems continues to increase, the ability to accurately predict electro-thermal effects within a design becomes paramount. The new design flow allows engineers to perform electromagnetic, thermal, stress, shock and vibration analysis from a seamless integration of HFSS, SIwave, Icepak and ANSYS Mechanical.

Broadband Conicals to 5 A DC

Gowanda Electronics Booth 210
Broadband Conicals to 5 A DC

Gowanda Electronics will feature conical designs including the C550FL series of high-current, thru-hole, wirewound broadband conical inductors providing a current rating to 5 A DC. As with Gowanda’s other conicals, this newest series provides predictable frequency response and repeatable performance from 40 MHz to 40 GHz and is specifically designed for high frequency applications where ultra-low insertion loss is a design requirement. Gowanda Electronics, Dyco Electronics, Butler Winding, Communication Coil, TTE Filters, Microwave Circuits and Instec Filters are affiliates of GCG (

Bias Tees to 40 GHz

TTE            Booth 210
Bias Tees to 40 GHz

Shipping from stock (in prototype quantities), TTE’s bias tees are available for frequencies from 10 MHz to 40 GHz and current handling capabilities to 7 A DC. They offer superior broadband performance, low insertion loss, minimal return loss, desirable VSWR characteristics, extremely flat gain response and RoHS-compliant options. TTE’s RF and microwave filters are available to 40 GHz. Built-to-order lead times are as short as five days. TTE Filters, Microwave Circuits, Instec Filters, Gowanda Electronics, Dyco Electronics, Butler Winding and Communication Coil are affiliates of GCG (

Copper Mountain Technologies

Copper Mountain Technologies    Booth 216
1-Port VNA Cable and Antenna Analyzer

The new R180 1-port VNA cable and antenna analyzer from Copper Mountain Technologies is the first 18 GHz 1-port VNA that can connect directly to DUT, improving measurement accuracy by eliminating practical limitation of RF cables. R180 can be controlled and powered through a USB-C port or through an external 5 VDC power supply. The unit delivers high accuracy results in a wide variety of measurement formats including time domain measurement. The frequency range is 1 MHz to 18 GHz.


Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices Inc.   Booth 217
Wideband GaN MMIC Amplifier

Analog Devices’ wideband GaN power amplifier offers best-in-class performance within a compact design. Covering the 300 MHz to 6 GHz spectrum, the highly integrated HMC8205 provides significant benefits for system designers of applications such as wireless infrastructure, radar, public mobile radio and general-purpose amplification test equipment that require pulse or continuous wave (CW) support. The HMC8205 GaN MMIC amplifier offers unmatched integration, gain, efficiency and wide bandwidth in a small footprint.

Berkeley Nucleonics

Berkeley Nucleonics Booth 218
Microwave Signal Generator

The Model 855 Series is a multi-channel, phase coherent, fast switching, low phase noise microwave signal generator with output frequency ranges from 10 MHz to 6, 12 or 20 GHz in any combination from 2 to 8 outputs in one system. Frequency and power switching sweep times down to 10 μs with excellent phase noise makes this instrument line ideally suited for a broad range of applications where very high signal quality, accuracy and wide output power range is required.

Cernex Inc.

Cernex Inc.                  Booth 220
Benchtop Amplifiers

Cernex’s BenchTop Amplifiers are designed for use in a wide range of general purpose applications, such as laboratory test equipment, instrumentation and other applications. Reliable operation is achieved using rugged stripline circuit construction with selected GAsFETs, PHEMTs and MIMICs.

RelComm Technologies Inc.

RelComm Technologies Inc.        Booth 222
High Performance 1P12T Relay

RelComm Technologies  compliments its product line by offering a low cost high performance 1P12T relay configured with “SMA” type connectors, providing exceptional RF performance to 18 GHz. The relay measures 2.25 in square and is less than two inches tall. It is fitted with standard DA15P header for ease of installation. The relay is available in failsafe configuration with 12 and 24 V DC operation. Options include TTL control input.


PA&E        Booth 225
Hermetic 38999 BMA RF Connector

Design engineers can now leverage the utility of a 38999 format high-speed RF connector in harsh environment applications, following PA&E’s release of its new hermetic 38999 Blind Mate Attach (BMA) RF connector line. Available in laser-weld or jam-nut configurations with 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8 contacts, they provide RF performance of ≤ 1 dB insertion loss at 18 GHz and have a hermetic leak rate of ≤ 1 x 10-9 cc He at 1 ATM. Visit PA&E in Booth 225 to learn more.

PPG Aerospace-Cuming Microwave

PPG Aerospace-Cuming Microwave     Booth 226

Featuring C-RAM® RF and microwave absorbers, C-RAM® anechoic and free-space materials and C-STOCK® low loss dielectric materials. Custom formulations and configurations available for your specific needs.



Southwest Microwave Inc.

Southwest Microwave Inc.            Booth 233
SSBP High-Performance Multi-Port Cable Harnesses

Save space, reduce panel weight and size and achieve greater bandwidth with Southwest Microwave’s size 8, 12, 16 and 20 SSBP coax contacts and cable harnesses to 110 GHz for standard multi-port connectors, such as D-38999, D-Subminiature or Micro-D. Combine RF and microwave coax contacts of varying frequencies in one housing to optimize multi-functionality, packaging design flexibility and cost savings. Miniaturized packaging offers increased density, improved survivability, easier servicing and a more compact footprint.




AEM Inc.   Booth 305
Tin Whisker Mitigation Process

AEM’s Tin Whisker Mitigation process utilizing tin-lead conversion with fusion processing ensures system reliability for mission critical programs. AEM’s process is suitable for surface mount chips, surface mount molded body packages as well as other unique package styles. Components post tin-lead conversion can then be screened to many MIL-STD and customer source control drawing test requirements.

Rogers Corp.

Rogers Corp.               Booth 306
RO1200™ Circuit Materials

With channel speeds increasing beyond 50 Gbps, RO1200™ circuit materials are engineered to meet the unique electrical and thermal/mechanical requirements of high speed designs. With a low dielectric constant of 3.05, and a max dissipation factor of 0.0017 at 10 GHz, RO1200 laminates provide outstanding signal integrity, reduced signal skew and reduced cross-talk. Combined with superior thermal/mechanical performance, low CTE and a halogen free UL 94 V-0 rating, RO1200 materials are well suited for the most demanding high layer count applications.

Transline Technology Inc

Transline Technology Inc.            Booth 307
RF/Microwave, Hybrid and Standard Printed Circuit Boards

Transline serves the RF, microwave, aerospace, defense, medical and satellite industries, among others, to create solutions for ever-advancing concepts and designs. Features and services include RF and microwave applications, hybrid and exotic materials, oversize (large) PCBs, FEP bonding and fusion bonding, Rigi-Flex and Flex PCB, PCB thermal applications, heavy metal back PCB, PCB heat-sink manufacturing and lamination, photo chemical etching and RF shielding products. Also, AS9100C certified, ISO 9001:2008 certified, ITAR registered, SBA SDB 8(a) certified and JCP certification (Cage Code: 3LRM5).

National Instruments

National Instruments   Booth 317
1 GHz Complex I/Q Bandwidth Baseband Vector Signal Transceiver

National Instruments introduces the world’s first 1 GHz complex I/Q bandwidth baseband vector signal transceiver (VST), the PXIe-5820. It combines a wideband I/Q digitizer, wideband I/Q arbitrary waveform generator and high-performance user-programmable FPGA into a single 2-slot PXI Express module. Learn how you can tightly synchronize it with the PXIe-5840 RF VST to address a variety of applications including 802.11ac/ax device test, mobile/IoT test, 4.9/5G design and test, RFIC and PA/FEM test, radar test and more.

National Instruments

NI AWR     Booth 317
NI AWR Design Environment

Visit us at EDI CON USA in Booth #317 to see v13.02 of the NI AWR Design Environment, which includes upgrades and enhancements to Microwave Office, Analog Office, Visual System Simulator™ (VSS), AXIEM and Analyst™ software products. This latest release continues to address design challenges associated with highly-integrated RF and microwave components (power amplifiers, filters and more) commonly found in communications and radar systems. In addition, NI AWR will also be showcasing its newest product addition of AntSyn™ for antenna synthesis and optimization.


RF-Lambda                  Booth 321
EMC, 140 W, 6 to 18 GHz, Broadband Power Amplifier

RAMP06G18GF is an ultra-wide band solid state benchtop power amplifier covering 6 to 18 GHz with a saturated output power of 140 W. The nominal gain is 45 dB, with a gain adjustment range of 20 dB with a 0.1 dB step size. The units come equipped with multiple protection features such as input over drive, over current and over temperature shutdown, making them ideal for EMC, VSAT, test and radar applications.


MOSIS       Booth 322
Prototype and Volume-Production

For 30-plus years, IC designers have relied on MOSIS for an efficient, affordable way to prototype and volume-produce their devices. Many turn to MOSIS for their special expertise in providing Multi-Project Wafers (MPW) and related services that drive IC innovation. This “shared mask” model combines designs from multiple customers, or diverse designs from a single company, onto one mask set. In addition MOSIS supports clients through to production, minimizing time to market with competitive pricing for new product introduction.


TechPlus Microwave Inc.

TechPlus Microwave Inc.             Booth 326
1 to 18 GHz Suspended Substrate Quintuplexer

The TM2020 operates from 1 to 18 GHz with passbands of 1 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8, 8 to 12 and 12 to 18. This product is one from the company’s extensive suspended substrate, catalog of SS designs. TechPlus is a state-of-the-art, innovative, RF and microwave filter supplier specializing in economical, high quality microwave filters and assemblies. Their capabilities include small and large production runs utilizing state-of-the-art test equipment. TechPlus manufactures filters, duplexers and multiplexers for aerospace, defense, commercial and public safety to 40 GHz.

Barry Industries

Barry Industries           Booth 337
HTCC QFN Packages

HTCC QFN packages from Barry Industries are available in standard 3 thru 8 mm standard JEDEC footprints and feature broadband low-loss transitions for superior performance over frequency. Maximum insertion loss for the 3 mm QFN is 0.5 dB over a DC to 18 GHz range. HTCC construction provides for enhanced mechanical strength and higher thermal conductivity compared with LTCC. These extremely rugged packages are available with either a plain seal or metallized grounded seal ring compatible with epoxy or solder lid attachment techniques.

Applied Thin-Film Products

Applied Thin-Film Products          Booth 338
Thin Film Manufacturing

ATP is a leading ISO/AS9100 Certified thin film manufacturer that offers complete in-house circuit fabrication services and engineered solutions. Quick turn engineering prototyping is available as well as mass production jobs. ATP offers a wide range of ceramic/special materials and metallization schemes including solderable and bondable films. Features include laser diode submounts, edge defined wraps, conductors, integrated resistors (with or without laser trimming), hollow and solid filled vias, double-sided patterning, backside burnishing treatment and serialization capabilities.

Sonnet Software

Sonnet Software          Booth 401
Sonnet Suites

Sonnet Software maintains a single, dedicated focus on providing the industry’s most accurate and reliable high frequency electromagnetic (EM) software, Sonnet Suites. Sonnet utilizes the shielded domain Method of Moments technique to provide model extraction error frequently on the order of one percent or less. Sonnet’s newest release, version 16.54, will be available for demo at in-booth workstations. This release features a 64-bit Sonnet Interface for NI AWR Microwave Office v13 which provides a completely integrated “solver on request” interface.

Teledyne Microwave Solutions

Teledyne Microwave Solutions    Booth 404
Non-ITAR GaN Amplifiers

With dimensions of 2.5 in × 2 in × 0.42 in and 2.1 cubic inches, these modular, non-ITAR GaN amplifiers from Teledyne Microwave Solutions maintain rugged design characteristics needed for harsh airborne and land based requirements in the smallest footprint possible. The calculated MTBF of these amplifiers is greater than 40,000 hours at +85°C, manufactured to optimal thermal requirements to deliver high-reliability and performance for challenging military and commercial applications.

Electromechanical Relay

Teledyne Relays         Booth 404
Electromechanical Relay

Teledyne Relays introduces the GRF121 electromechanical relay! This magnetic-latching SPDT relay is perfect for broadband, high-repeatability, RF and digital applications—where RF performance from DC to 18 GHz or signal integrity up to 40 Gbps is required. This relay is ideal for ATE, semiconductor/IC testing, high-frequency communication and medical imaging devices, RF switch matrices and other applications requiring broadband signal fidelity and high digital throughput. The GRF121 now includes reversed-polarity coil and ungrounded open-contact options for design flexibility.

Reactel Inc.

Reactel Inc.                 Booth 410
Form Factor Filters

Reactel introduces their line of small form factor filters. These units are suitable for densely populated boards, portable systems or any application where size is at a premium. Available technologies include discrete component, ceramic, cavity or combline designs. With profiles as low as 1/8 in these robust units pack all of the performance of their larger counterparts into a much smaller package. They are available across a frequency range of 100 MHz to 20 GHz with bandwidths of 5 to 100 percent and are available in 4 to 12 sections.

Rohde & Schwarz Inc.

Rohde & Schwarz Inc.                  Booth 417
Spectrum Analyzer

Developers of 5G, high-end radar systems and automotive applications need a very large bandwidth to analyze wideband signals. The R&S®FSW Spectrum analyzer is the first test solution that enables 2 GHz wide signal analysis in detail without the need for an external digitizer. It provides 14-bit ADC resolution and wide dynamic range, characterized by excellent SFDR figures. This translates into outstanding performance. The instrument can measure an EVM of around -40 dB with an OFDM signal (792 MHz BW, 300 kHz spacing, 64 QAM, 4096 FFT) at 28 GHz.

Smiths Interconnect Millitech

Smiths Interconnect Millitech       Booth 423
High-Power Waveguide Circulators

Smiths Interconnect Millitech brand of high-power waveguide circulators offer frequency range from 18 to 110 GHz. These ferrite-based circulators are four-port, differential phase shift devices which can also be configured as an isolator. They provide exceptional performance for isolation, insertion loss and VSWR (high return loss) make them ideal for use with frequency sources, amplifiers and receivers. All models are rated for 200 W CW.

Passive Plus Inc.

Passive Plus Inc.       Booth 427
RF/Microwave Passive Components

Passive Plus is a manufacturer of high-performance RF and microwave passive components, specializing in high-Q/low ESR/ESL capacitors, broadband capacitors, non-magnetic resistors and trimmers serving the medical, semiconductor, military, broadcast and telecommunications industries. Capacitor case sizes include 0505, 1111, 2225, 3838; EIA 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805; high-power 6040, 7676 and the new 1313; broadband capacitors, 01005, 0201, 0402. The company is known for their outstanding quality, fast deliveries, competitive prices and superior customer service.


SignalCore Inc.

SignalCore Inc.           Booth 429
Broadband 6 GHz RF Up/ Downconverters

SignalCore’s high performance triple stage heterodyne 100 kHz to 6 GHz up/downconverters are cost effective, compact and designed for seamless RF integration. Its output IF frequency can be tuned to center between 10 and 500 MHz, and also selectable for 1250 MHz. Flexible IF bandwidths of 80, 160 and 320 MHz can be selected. The devices may be controlled via a computer, laptop or embedded device using USB, SPI or RS232 with a single rail +12 V power supply. Driver and development software with GUI is provided to easily control the units without having to write control software. Also available in PXIe.

Integra Technologies Inc.

Integra Technologies Inc.             Booth 431
1 KW L-Band Radar Pallet

Integra Technologies, a leader in the design and manufacture of high-power multi-stage, multi-band RF pallets and transistors, is proud to feature
IGNP1214M1KW-GPS for L-Band radar applications. The high-power GaN/SiC pallet supplies > 1000 W of peak pulsed output power at 50 V bias, with 13 dB gain and 60 percent efficiency at 300 microseconds, 10 percent pulse conditions and includes gate biasing and sequencing circuitry for easier system integration. Custom versions of this product (and other VHF/UHF, L-, S-, C-, X-Band standard products) are available upon request.

Cadence Design Systems

Cadence Design Systems            Booth 435
Allegro PCB Design Canvas

Accelerate your PCB design cycle by performing power integrity (PI) and signal integrity (SI) tasks directly from the Allegro PCB design canvas. Using the constraint-driven flow, guide PCB designers on optimizing the power delivery network (PDN) and minimizing signal distortion and crosstalk noise. SI specialists will want to see these compliance kits for the latest multi-gigabit interfaces. Let us show how your design engineers, PCB designers and SI/PI specialists can work collaboratively to create products on time and on budget.


Anokiwave                  Booth 439
Phased Array Innovator Kit

Ready for 5G? The AWMF-0129 is the world’s first commercially available electronically scanned active array enabling fast prototyping and evaluation of 28 GHz 5G applications. Based on highly integrated Si ICs with embedded functions for remote telemetry and low-latency steering™, the AWMF-0129 allows for real-time active beam-steering. With 50 dBmi of EIRP and full flexibility for the user in the choice of waveform stimulus and timing-control, the array is an enabling product for the evaluation and development of 5G networks.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric      Booth 504
GaN Doherty Power Amplifier

Mitsubishi Electric develops ultra-wideband GaN Doherty power amplifiers for next generation wireless base stations. When applying advanced pre-distortion techniques from NanoSemi Inc., the GaN power amplifier achieves high efficiencies with up to 200 MHz instantaneous bandwidth while maintaining ACLR of -50 dBc or better. With this breakthrough, customers gain the ability to design a single flexible LTE power amplifier capable of many carrier aggregation scenarios, even above 3 GHz.


SemiGen   Booth 505
Schottky Barrier and Detector Diodes

SemiGen’s Schottky barrier diodes offer small junction capacitances, low resistances and low I/F noise, along with 0.6 V forward voltage drop and enhanced TSS, ideal for detector, mixer, modulator, power limiter and high speed switch applications. SemiGen’s zero-bias Schottky detector diodes exhibit low junction capacitances, high voltage sensitivity, uniform video resistances, high sensitivity—without external biasing. These diodes feature 0.3 V forward voltage drop, incredible TSS and are excellent for waveguide, coaxial, and stripline applications from 55oC to +150oC.

AR RF/Microwave

AR RF/Microwave
Instrumentation           Booth 508
Single Band Amplifiers Cover 0.7 to 6 GHz Frequency Band

The new 350S1G6 and 500S1G6 are 350 and 500 Wt CW solid-state amplifiers that have 58 and 57 dB gain, respectively. Both deliver 100 percent rated output power without foldback over the instantaneous 0.7 to 6 GHz band and can survive ∞:1 output VSWR. Applications include radiated susceptibility testing, EW jammers and wireless system and device stress screening tests.




Anritsu Co.

Anritsu Co.                  Booth 509
mmWave Spectrum Analyzers

Anritsu has revolutionized the test market with the introduction of the Spectrum Master™ MS2760A family, the world’s first ultraportable, mmWave spectrum analyzers, ideal for mmWave 5G and E-Band applications. Leveraging Anritsu’s patented NLTL technology, the MS2760A shatters the cost, size and performance barriers associated with traditional larger instruments. In addition to 5G and E-Band, the MS2760A significantly improves test procedures and lowers the cost-of-test in other fast-growing mmWave applications, such as 802.11ad/WiGig, satellite communications and automotive radar.

Wenzel Associates Inc.

Wenzel Associates Inc.               Booth 519
OCXO + Rubidium Ruggedized Frequency Source

Wenzel Associates’ is now offering QRb Sync Series products, which includes a low noise OCXO coupled with a very stable disciplined Rubidium oscillator, all combined within a small ruggedized housing. This combination offers exceptional phase noise performance as well as excellent stability. There are many options to choose from, depending on the application, including HF and VHF frequencies from 10 to 500 MHz as well as low g-sensitivity and internal vibration isolation.

Liberty Test Equipment

Liberty Test Equipment                 Booth 521
New and Refurbished Electronic Test Equipment

Liberty Test Equipment is a quality source for buying, renting and leasing new and refurbished electronic test equipment. Their 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee and commitment to product selection, competitive prices and dedicated customer service distinguishes the company from others. With more than 5,000 products available, Liberty Test Equipment offers test equipment for a variety of applications. The company carries oscilloscopes, spectrum and network analyzers, generators, meters, counters, power supplies, equipment racks and wireless and optical test equipment.

Holzworth Instrumentation

Holzworth Instrumentation            Booth 522
Real-Time Phase Noise Analyzer

The HA7062C real-time phase noise analyzer is a dual channel, cross correlation system that directly addresses the measurement speed and repeatability requirements of high volume, ATE manufacturing. The versatile design is also popular with product developers due to a reconfigurable analog front end that provides numerous extended capabilities, while also eliminating issues common to digital phase noise test systems. Capable of measuring: absolute, additive, baseband, AM, pulse and much more. See a real-time demonstration at EDI CON USA Booth 522.

Innovative Integration Booth

Innovative Integration Booth 524

An ideal platform for complex RADAR/LIDAR, wireless communications or automated test systems. Each chassis combines an multi-core Intel CPU running Windows/Linux with a backplane providing four or eight-lane high-bandwidth PCI Express connections to each payload slot, capable of sustained 3400 to 7000 MB/s data flow. PXIe systems can run the identical application software, drivers and operating-systems as desktop or industrial PCs. PXIe chassis support concurrent use of 6, 9 or 18 plug-in cards, so it is feasible to configure sophisticated systems with myriad I/O connections.


EMSCAN   Booth 525
EMxpert ERX+

EMSCAN’s EMxpert ERX+ enables the PCB and design engineers to diagnose EMC/EMI problems between 150 kHz and 8 GHz. ERX+ provides eight levels of resolution (60 microns to 7.5 mm). Level 1 resolution (7.5 mm) allows the engineers to visualize the hot spots, current loops or intermittent problems in real-time. After locating the unintended radiators, engineers can select the resolution level based on the density of their board design. The built-in spectrum analyzer turns ERX+ into a plug-and-play test system.

Exodus Advanced

Exodus Advanced
Communications         Booth 527
AMP1090 SSPA Module

AMP1090 SSPA module covering the full 2 to 8 GHz frequency band at 10 W min power levels for this frequency range are also available up to 50 W. The AMP1090 uses CW GaN devices and operates from a 32 VDC supply at 3 A max with gain flatness of 3 dB max peak to peak. This module is suitable for use with all modulation standards and features built-in protection circuits. With high-reliability and ruggedness, typical applications would include EMI/RFI, S- and C-Band, RADAR, EW, SATCOM, among others.


ConductRF                  Booth 528
Mil-D38999 RF Solutions

Configurations use industry standard Mil-D38999 multi-port connector system. ConductRF provides solutions from DC to 65 GHz, phase matching between ports and assemblies and more. Using industry standard BMA, SMPM, #8, #12 and #16 Contacts, D38999 assemblies can be configured for varied applications. ConductRF manufactures a broad range of RF solutions from semi-rigid to flexible cables, test & measurement cables, including specialist versions for VNA testing. Enhanced mechanical solutions including armoring, waterproofing and more are available on request.

Ardent Concepts

Ardent Concepts         Booth 529
Stackable Height RF Interposers

Stackable height RF Interposers provide exceptional signal integrity to 40 Gbps+ in a high density compression mount form factor so engineers can implement the shortest and fastest connector technology in capital equipment designs, radar system, RF communication systems, antenna and a host of other RF applications. Their connectors have the capability to withstand high shock and vibration applications as well as applications requiring extreme temperatures from -50oC to 150oC.

Planar Monolithics

Planar Monolithics      Booth 600
PMI Model No. SDLVA-50M18G-70

PMI Model No. SDLVA-50M18G-70 is an SDLVA (Successive Detection Logarithmic Video Amplifier) operating in the 50 MHz to 18 GHz frequency band. It features a built-in voltage variable threshold detector circuit that is set up to match the video output voltage to within 5 percent. In addition, this model has a TSS of -70 dBm and a dynamic range of 70 dB, VSWR: 2.0:1 maximum, all in a package measuring only 2.3 in × 2.2 in × 0.4 in with SMA female connectors and gold plated finish.

Response Microwave Inc.

Response Microwave Inc.            Booth 604
High-Power Quad Hybrid for Radio Applications

Response Microwave, a global specialist in providing RF and microwave customer solutions, is pleased to announce the availability of a new high-power 3 dB 90°  hybrid for use in radio applications. Operational from 100 to 450 MHz, the unit offers 0.7 dB insertion loss, 1.3:1 VSWR and 18 dB minimum isolation with N female connectors. Power handling is 100 W CW over the -40oC  to +105oC range. Custom configurations are available on request.

Res-Net Microwave

Res-Net Microwave     Booth 610
RF Dielectric Material

CVD (chemical vapor deposition) synthetic diamond has outstanding thermal conductivity, 3 to 4x better than copper. In addition, the low dielectric constant makes CVD diamond an excellent RF dielectric material for high frequency and high-power applications. Combining advanced thin-film processing techniques and extensive high frequency design experience, Res-Net Microwave has created a line of high performance CVD components that can withstand even the most challenging space environment. Res-Net Microwave offers the highest quality resistors, terminations and thermal jumpers on diamond substrate.

Signal Integrity

Signal Integrity
Software Inc. (SiSoft)  Pod 6
Quantum-SI (QSI) 2017

SiSoft’s Quantum-SI (QSI) 2017 release extends the world of DDR4/5 timing and signal integrity analysis to include techniques previously limited to multi-gigabit serial channel applications. These techniques allow users to predict eye margins down to probability of 1e-15 and include statistical and million bit time-domain simulation, transmit/receive equalization modeling using IBIS-AMI models and aligned pulse response analysis to identify signal quality issues and equalization techniques that can compensate for them.