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The Berkeley Nucleonics BNC 7340 signal source analyzer performs a wide range of amplitude and phase measurements, with its core function a phase noise analyzer. Covering 5 MHz to 40 GHz, the 7340 was designed to evaluate signal sources such as crystal oscillators, phase-locked loop synthesizers, clocks, phase-locked or free-running voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO), dielectric resonator oscillators (DRO), SAW and YIG oscillators. It measures absolute and residual phase noise, pulsed phase noise, amplitude noise and performs time domain transient and spectrum analysis. It can be used as a VCO test bench to measure tuning, pushing, phase noise, current and power.

The analyzer comprises a two-channel cross-correlation system with two internal tunable references sources, with the capability to use external references. The architecture enables the 7340 to perform cross-correlation fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis of signals. The unit includes an integrated frequency counter, power detector, two programmable low noise DC supplies (up to 14 V and 600 mA) and three low noise tuning voltages (−5 to +22 V).

The 7340 reflects BNC’s philosophy of using a PC and an intuitive graphical user interface to control the instrument and display the measurement results. An external PC reduces the cost of entry, provides measurement flexibility and simplifies software upgrades. Computer interfaces include LAN (VXI-11), USBTMC or, optionally, GPIB. A powerful SCPI (standard commands for programmable instruments) command language set is available for controlling the instrument and automating test routines. Combining the 7340’s hardware design with BNC’s API library enables toolsets for many device types and measurements, and the fast analysis time increases test capacity for production applications.

The BNC 7340 signal source analyzer reflects BNC’s reputation for technical excellence and customer service.

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