Test Equipment

Detector Personal Safety Monitor
The powerful RadMan field monitor is capable of measuring both electric and magnetic fields in any direction. RadMan monitors the limit values established by national and international control boards, such as IRPA, VDE and FCC, and sounds an acoustic alarm if levels are exceeded. The monitor is calibrated to relevant standards and can be used as a monitoring and leak locator by sliding the absorber cap over the battery compartment.
Wandel & Goltermann GmbH & Co., Eningen uA +49 (0) 7121 8616 16.


Radio Communication Analyzer Software
A software option for use with the company’s MT8802A radio communication analyzer eliminates the need to have a live base station in the laboratory or conduct handoff tests in the field, thereby saving time and making testing more cost-efficient. The software can simultaneously simulate two base stations, each with a varying signal, to create a real-world scenario in the laboratory and has the capability to conduct softer handoffs if the same power control bits are used. Other features of the software include built-in support of additive Gaussian white noise, easy selection of system parameter variables and the ability to display pilot strength measurement messages from mobile handsets. The MT8802A analyzer can perform a number of standard measurements and essentially combines nine instruments into one, including registration, origination, termination, conversation loopback measurements, disconnection from network and disconnection from mobile station. Prices: $2000 (software) and $53,000 (MT8802A). Delivery: six to eight weeks (ARO).
Anritsu Corp., Richardson, TX (800) 267-4878.


Parametric Wafer Prober
The PS21 parametric wafer prober is designed to provide laboratory-grade DC/CV parametric measurements with the many capabilities of an automatic prober. The prober integrates easily with Hewlett-Packard’s HP4061 and HP4072 test systems and interfaces directly with the test head of these parametric testers to maintain high performance, thereby providing good high resolution that increases lab automation and statistical-based characterization. A low capacitance, low noise probe card allows faster measurement settling times with ultra-low leakage; the patented MicroChamber ensures light-tight, noise-protected measurements. A fully integrated thermal guarded chuck provides low noise measurement over a -55° to +200°C temperature range.
Cascade Microtech Inc., Beaverton, OR (800) 550-3279 or (503) 601-1000.


Versatile VXI Pulse/Pattern Generators
The models HP E8311A and HP E8312A VXI C-1 pulse/pattern generators targeted for designers and integrators of VXI automated test systems are designed for applications ranging from functional verification of high speed digital or mixed-signals devices to clock generation and serial bus testing. The timing parameters can be adjusted for every amplitude or offset level to meet any specifications, even 10 Vpk-pk when the transition time is 2 ns. Both modules provide highly reliable and stable synchronization of test systems even at very precise points in time, such as those used in radar testing. Price: $9950 (HP E8311A) or $10,950 (HP E8312A). Delivery: four weeks.
Hewlett-Packard Co., Palo Alto, CA (800) 452-4844, ext. 6585.


Block Converter and Channel Emulator
The TAS 4060 block converter partners with the TAS 4500 FLEX RF channel emulator (version 5.1) to enable accurate performance evaluation of communications technologies that operate up to 6 GHz, such as wireless local area network (WLAN) applications. Designed to extend the operating range of the TAS 4500, the TAS 4060 block converter allows a comprehensive set of RF propagation characteristics to be applied to emerging WLAN technologies, including European Hiperlan and IEEE 802.11 equipment that operate in the 5 to 6 GHz band. The channel emulator offers a five-fold increase in step through rate, which greatly enhances developers’ ability to evaluate communication designs under time-varying propagation conditions.
Telecom Analysis Systems Inc. (TAS), Eatontown, NJ (732) 544-8700.