RF Signal Analysis Software
The EasySpan for Windows” test data documentation software is capable of synchronizing its waveform transfer capabilities with Global Positioning System (GPS) precision. The software can store, display and manipulate spectrum analyzer trace and set up data in database format. Programmable limit lines allow automatic capture of traces and setups. With the new GPS capability, the software allows signal strength and GPS location data to be combined and transferred into a spreadsheet or contour mapping programs. Front-panel controls enable remote adjustment of critical instrument settings such as frequency and scanwidth.
IFR Americas, Wichita, KS (316) 522-4981.


Translator Software Utility
AnsoftLinks for HP EEsof Series IV is a smart translator software utility that migrates entire high frequency circuit designs from Series IV to Ansoft’s Serenade Design Environment. Designs are automatically converted into Serenade projects using IFF files and a specialized neutral format; linear and nonlinear translations are supported, providing users all of the advantages of Serenade, including greater accuracy, easy-to-use Windows® interface, advanced design utilities and superior value.
Ansoft Corp., Pittsburgh, PA (412) 261-3200.


Toroidal Core Tool Box
The TOROID (version 3.4) iron powder toroidal core tool box is designed to model toroid behavior from DC to microwave frequencies with an emphasis on the 1 to 200 MHz frequency range. Mouse or arrow key driven dialog boxes allow quick scrolling through core size, mix and wire gauge menus. The software also has the capability to design custom core sizes and permeabilities and accurately recalculate electrical data. Special features include metric and English units, the ability to print out an engineering data sheet for future reference and a pulldown calculator. Price: $99.95 (single site license).
J. Bellora and Associates, Colombia, MD (410) 772-8065.