Integrated Circuits

Analog-to-digital Converter
The model AD7707 sigma delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is a complete analog front end designed for low power, low voltage and low frequency measurement applications such as process control, battery monitors, current analyzers, and smart temperature and pressure transmitters. The three-channel, 16-bit ADC offers two low level pseudodifferential analog input channels that accept ±100 mV full-scale input signals with no DC/DC converters, charge pumps or split supplies and a high level input channel for ranges up to ±10 V. Available in a 0.3-inch-wide, 20-lead SOIC and a 0.2-inch-wide, 20-lead TSSOP package, the AD7707 operates on voltage ranges from 2.7 V up to 5.25 V with a 3 V nominal supply and a 1 MHz clock frequency. Price: $4.46 (1000).
Analog Devices Inc., Norwood, MA (800) 262-5643 or (781) 937-1428.


BGA Packages
The models 1MSC631Z, 1MSC633Z and 1MSC636Z ball-grid array (BGA) packages can accommodate MMIC sizes of 3 mm x 2 mm, 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm and 2 mm x 2 mm, respectively. The surface-mount BGA packages are specifically designed for broadband wireless applications, such as LMDS, SATCOM and point-to-point radio and operate in the DC to 32 GHz bandwidth. Prices: from $3.35 to $4.25 (in volume).
Micro Substrates Corp. (MSC), Tempe, AZ (480) 731-6230.


Single-chip, ISM-band Transmitter
The model NT2800 complete, single-chip, frequency modulation/frequency-shift keying transmitter IC operates over the 800 to 1000 MHz frequency range with a 2.7 to 3.3 V supply. Housed in a 16-pin TSSOP, the device integrates a voltage-controlled oscillator, phase-locked loop and reference oscillator. Tuning is accomplished via a three-wire serial interface and power output is +1.5 dBm. Price: $1.27 (100,000).
NUMA Technologies Inc., Naples, FL (941) 591-8008.


IQ Demodulator
The model MMX-IQD-1F-2.6G IQ demodulator is a microwave integrated circuit consisting of two stripline circuits (a power divider and a quadrature hybrid) and two MMIC mixers. The multilayer package provides a surface-mount interface and is best suited for pick-and-place assembly. The IQ network has the ability to determine phase information from an RF signal as compared to a reference LO signal, which can be used in communications, navigation and radar system applications. Conversion loss is 12 dB, amplitude balance is 0.5 dB and phase balance is 90 at ±5°. The IQ demodulator detects phase difference between the RF and LO signals and yields quadrature error voltages. Operating temperature range is -55° to +85°C. Weight: 0.127 oz. Size: 0.80" x 0.80" x 0.13".
Merrimac Industries Inc., West Caldwell, NJ (888) 434-6636.