The latest release of the Modelithics COMPLETE Library for NI AWR Design Environment, version 17.1, is now available, containing 44 new models and introducing several new model features.

New advanced scalable simulation models for RF and microwave components from 20 different vendors have been added to the version 17.1 release, including Microwave Global Models™ for capacitors from ATC, AVX, IPDiA (now part of Murata), Johanson Technology, KEMET, Murata, ST Microelectronics and Taiyo Yuden. New inductor models are available for Coilcraft, Piconics and Würth Elektronik series, new resistor models are available for KOA Speer and new ferrite bead models have been added for two Chilisin series. Additional non-linear active device models are now included for transistors from Avago, Infineon and Mitsubishi, for a PIN diode from MACOM, and for amplifiers from Mini-Circuits, Avago and Qorvo. A single-substrate S-parameter model has also been added for a Vanguard Electronics inductor series.

The Modelithics Library, version 17.1, is compatible with the latest V13 release of NI AWR Design Environment, specifically Microwave Office circuit design software, and includes multiple new features that add even more flexibility and control while using the models in Microwave Office designs. The dynamic layouts of Modelithics models now use Area Pins, which enables connections to the pads at any location. Four new features have been added to most Microwave Global Models: The Pad_Angle parameter allows the designer to specify the 90° rotation angle at which each model pad should be connected to the line. Pad_in_Model provides several options for what percentage of each model pad should be included in the simulation and layout. Finally, new Solder_Mask and Solder_Paste parameters are available in the dynamic layout models which allows these layout layers to be added and adjusted in relation to the pads and then included in the layout.

For more information about this new release or to request a free trial, please visit the Modelithics website