Processing Equipment

Ball Bonder
The model CBT 6000™ ball bonder has the ability to bond an entire wafer at a time and offers a suite of WsCSP tools designed to meet the needs of the WsCSP market. The CBT 6000 features high wire capacity, specialized wafer programming tools, wafer mapping, ink dot recognition, barcode scanning, wafer teach tools, deformation monitoring and easy-to-use software. By training a master die and the borders of the wafer, the CBT 6000 will automatically calculate the array of dice that fit in the wafer area and add the appropriate number of duplicate die into the program. Changes to the master die's wire placement, PR points or bond parameters will automatically cascade to the duplicate die in the program. Size: 304 mm x 152 mm.
Palomar Technologies,
Vista, CA
(760) 931-3600.