CDMA PCS Amplifiers
The CDMA PCS amplifier series provides wireless infrastructure manufacturers with a cost-effective, flexible solution for their amplifier requirements. Models are available with linearized CDMA output power levels of 5, 10 and 20 W. All models comply with J-STD-008 and IS-95 spectral mask requirements over all operating conditions.
Comtech PST,
Melville, NY
(516) 777-8900.

Modular Amplifiers for Digital Radios
The models FSA2000, FSA2002 and FSA2003 digital radio amplifiers are a 12.7 to 15.4 GHz set (driver, medium power and low noise amplifier, respectively) available on carriers, inexpensive ceramic or connectorized packages. These pHEMT amplifiers offer 20 to 23 dB of gain, 2.2 dB of noise figure (FSA2003) and 21.5 dBm of P-1dB (FSA2002). Low noise amplifiers that address the 23, 18 and 26 GHz digital radio bands with up to 22 dB gain and 2.6 dB of noise figure are also available.
Filtronic Solid State,
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 988-1845.

Multicarrier Power Amplifiers
The MCPS (Multicarrier PowerStack™) 3000 series multicarrier power amplifiers (MCPA) are designed for micro-through macrocell applications. The model MCPS 3135 has the ability to generate up to 500 W of digital or analog power by combining four 135 W units in a 23" x 14" x 18" shelf. The modular, compact and configurable amplifier provides efficiency of > 11 percent and utilizes the PowerStack architecture, which maximizes cooling and reliability and provides inherent soft fail protection in each MCPA module. The series' modular design makes it hot swappable, giving carriers the ease and flexibility to add or remove modules and to increase or decrease power as network demands change.
Spectrian Corp.,
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 745-5400.

Monolithic SiGe Power Amplifier
The model PA2423 monolithic silicon germanium (SiGe) high efficiency power amplifier for the 2.4 GHz ISM band delivers +23.5 dBm output power with 45 percent power-added efficiency when operated in class AB mode. The amplifier design has provision for the operating bias point to be adjusted using an external control voltage, which allows the operating mode to be adjusted to provide better efficiency particularly when operating at reduced output power levels. Features include a single 3.3 V supply and an MSOP-8 plastic package.
SiGe Microsystems Inc.,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
(613) 748-1334.

RF Power Modules
The GR line of RF power modules consolidates the existing features of the company's QuikPAC™ package, which eliminates the need for a user to provide similar components and reduces material cost, assembly labor and board space. The GR line incorporates preset operating points and offers integrated gate voltage regulation. Designed for cellular and wireless applications, the modules feature single-polarity operation, 50 W RF interfaces, high gain and low intermodulation distortion; support all transmission standards including TDMA, CDMA and GSM; and are available in 30, 60 and 120 W versions.
Xemod Inc.,
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 733-7229.