Custom MMIC has published a free technical brief, “Addressing Your Phase Noise Challenges in Radar and Communication Systems,” illuminating the key aspects of how phase noise impacts signal quality in radar and communication systems. The tech brief also provides insight into product solutions that can be used in radar and communication systems that are phase noise constrained.

Modern microwave and millimeter wave systems, especially radar and digital communications, are limited in performance by frequency accuracy and stability. Phase noise, a factor that is consistently limiting the high performance of modern systems, is particularly significant in direct down conversion receivers and radars. The Custom MMIC technical brief provides details into the practical concerns about phase noise and how phase noise manifests in amplifiers and mixers.

Read the full tech brief: “Addressing Your Phase Noise Challenges in Radar and Communication Systems.”

For more information about Custom MMIC’s low phase noise product lines, visit the Custom MMIC Low Phase Noise Amplifier product library.

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