Strategy Analytics forecasts that IoT cellular devices will transition from a 4G air interface to 5G through 2025, with shipments of 4G IoT modules peaking within two years. 5G modules will begin shipping in 2019 and outsell 4G modules in 2024. Total shipments will exceed 190 million in 2025.

The automotive vertical market will remain the single largest consumer of IoT cellular modules during the forecast period and will significantly increase its market share by 2025.

Matt Wilkins, senior analyst for IoT research at Strategy Analytics, said, "The transition in dominant air interfaces in IoT is part of the ebb and flow of technology in IoT, from 3G dominance to 4G and on to 5G. The benefits of 5G, such as low latency and long modem battery life, open up possibilities for IoT cellular devices, enabling use cases such as remote surgery providing the surgeon with the sense of touch as well as real-time video in healthcare."

More information on Strategy Analytics' analysis and forecast is available at IoT Cellular Device Annual Sales by Air Interface, Region by Industry Vertical.