RFuW Engineering Ltd., an industry leading supplier of high power, SMT RF limiters and switches, announces the release of the MSW2T-2735-196/-197 Ultra High Power (+60 dBm) S-Band switches and the RFLM-262322HC-151 Ultra High Power (+57 dBm) S-Band limiter (+57 dBm).

Advances in GaN power transistor technologies has eclipsed the capabilities of MMIC technologies for both switching and limiting functions. The MSW2T-2735-196/197 switches and RFLM-262322HC-151 limiter were developed expressly for use in high reliability applications with CW power levels in excess of +53 dBm operating in ambient temperature environment up to 85° C.

The MSW-2735-196 offers a clockwise pin out while the MSW2T-2735-197offers a counter-clockwise pin out to assist in the efficient PCB layout for T/R modules. Both switches are offered in 6mm x 9mm SMT package.

The RFLM-262322HC-151 S Band Limiter offers unprecedented protection, ultra-low flat leakage and ultra-fast recovery time in a 6mm x 9mm SMT package. “The MSW2T-2735-196/197 S Band RF Switches and RFLM-262322HC-151 S Band RF Limiter were developed expressly to address high power, high reliability applications which require industry leading RF performance in hostile environments,” stated J.R. Chen, vice president of engineering and senior partner, RFuW Engineering.

Samples and Evaluation Boards are available. Email sales@rfuw-engineering.com or visit www.rfuw-engineering.com.