Saab has acquired another 10 per cent of shares, reaching 25 per cent of stakes, in Akaer, one of the largest companies within development of aeronautical projects in Brazil. In conjunction with the expansion of the Saab-Akaer partnership, Akaer acquires 100 per cent of the shares of the Space and Defense Division (E&D) of the Brazilian optronic company Opto Eletrônica S.A.

Saab’s investment in Akaer began in May 2012, when the company made a convertible loan in shares, a contribution of resources equivalent to 15 per cent of Akaer. Saab’s stake in the company is now expanded to 25 percent, and Akaer remains independent, and controlled and managed by the Brazilian founder and management. Since 2012, Saab has been part of Akaer's Advisory Board.

“Our partnership with Akaer is long-term and by exchanging knowledge, we want to expand our co-operation. The partnership brings mutual benefits and allows us to take another step in the technology transfer program and in the development of the Brazilian defense industry. We have come to Brazil to stay and this also means to support our partners”, said Ulf Nilsson, head of Saab business area Aeronautics.

With the support of Saab’s investment in the company, Akaer has acquired assets of the Space and Defense Division (E&D) of the Opto Eletrônica S.A, which is renamed OPTO Space & Defense. The Brazilian optronic company obtained the status of Strategic Defense Company (EED) in 2013.

Akaer's goal is to ensure that the optronic technologies developed by OPTO over decades are kept under the control of a Strategic Defense Company, so that they can be used in the national space and defense programs in the coming years. To ensure the continuity of these capabilities, the Space and Defense division of OPTO Space & Defense – that has been under judicial recovery – will keep all its employees and its operations will continue in the same location, in the city of São Carlos, the optronic hub in Brazil. In addition, Akaer will expand its access to international markets and develop dual application products to keep it financially sustainable and to expand its technologies.

“The investment is a part of our growth and diversification strategy and is aligned with the national defense interests", said Cesar Augusto T. Andrade e Silva, founder and CEO of Akaer.

“I am very pleased with Akaer’s courage and vision; it was able to perceive the technology worth and capabilities developed by OPTO. Our team is motivated to start this new phase with Akaer and Saab", said Mario Stefani, partner and founder of Opto Eletrônica.