Anritsu Co. introduced software for its radio communications analyzer MT8821C that creates the industry’s first test solution that supports evaluation of 4 x 4 MIMO 256 QAM RF Rx performance for all DL 3CC CA band combinations with no restrictions on frequency and signal bandwidth combinations. The new software provides wireless chipset and UE manufacturers, as well as mobile operators with a solution to conduct efficient, highly accurate carrier acceptance tests to ensure performance.

The software complements the built-in LTE-Advanced RF TRx test base station emulation functions of the all-in-one Radio Communications Analyzer MT8821C. When the new 4x4 MIMO measurement software is installed on two synchronized MT8821C analyzers featuring existing LTE-Advanced DL 3CC CA measurement software, engineers can test the performance of chipsets and mobile devise to ensure their designs. By synchronizing two MT8821C instruments with the new software, up to 12 signals can be output for 4x4 MIMO 256QAM measurements to support all DL 3CC CA band combinations.

The new software strengthens the functions of the Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C and enhances Anritsu’s measurement solutions for facilitating deployment of LTE-Advanced broadband multi-function networks. The all-in-one MT8821C operates as a base station simulator using standard call processing sequences compliant with test standards to support RF parametric tests through to UE functional and performance tests.

Overall operation of the Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C is improved by the enhanced next-generation GUI and easy-to-use large display that permit one-touch switching between grouped/individual graph lists and results outline/detail information. Efficiency is further improved by a parameter search function, bookmarking capability for commonly-used parameters, and the ability to set test parameters using one-touch button operation.

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