Wolfspeed_C3M0065100K_PR_PhotoOptimized for electric-vehicle charging systems and three-phase industrial power supplies

Richardson RFPD, Inc. announced the availability and full design support capabilities for a silicon carbide power MOSFET from Wolfspeed, a Cree Company.

The 1000 V, 65 mΩ C3M0065100K is in an optimized four-lead TO-247-4 package with a separate driver source pin. This package provides lower switching losses with minimal gate circuit ringing due to the Kelvin gate connection. The package features a notch between the drain and source pins, which increases creepage distance to best support operation of higher voltage discrete devices.

The device is optimized for electric-vehicle charging systems and three-phase industrial power supplies, and it addresses many power design challenges by providing a unique device with low on-Resistance, low output capacitance and low source inductance, for an ideal blend of low switching losses and low conduction losses.

Key features of the C3M0065100K include:

  •  Blocking voltage: 1000 V
  •  Current rating at 100°C: 22.5 A
  •  Rds(on): 65 mΩ
  •  Gate charge total: 35 nC
  •  Maximum junction temperature: 150 °C
  •  Output capacitance (Coss): 60 pF
  •  Reverse-recovery charge (Qrr): 310 nC
  •  Reverse-recover time (Trr): 24 ns

A companion reference design is also available and includes schematics and BOM to reduce development time and increase time-to-market. These products were featured in a recent webinar that is available now on-demand.

To find more information or to purchase these products today online, please visit the C3M0065100K and CRD-20DD09P-2 webpages. The devices are also available by calling 1-800- 737-6937.

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