Huawei and China Mobile have developed and tested a single antenna that supports all the FDD and TDD LTE frequency bands used by China Mobile. The industry-first FDD/TDD converged antenna supports bands 3, 8 and eight channels of bands 34, 39 and 41.

The innovative decoupling design significantly reduces the windward area while guaranteeing antenna performance. A single multi-band antenna reduces the number of individual antennas required at a cell site, lowering construction costs, simplifying installation, improving network performance and increasing operations and maintenance (O&M) efficiency.

Electrical downtilts can be adjusted remotely for each frequency band, and the horizontal azimuth and beamwidth can be remotely switched for the TDD antennas. This feature promotes accurate network coverage and maximizes network performance.

In pilot tests recently concluded in multiple cities in China, a single FDD/TDD converged antenna replaced three traditional antennas that separately supported bands 3, 8 and 34/39/41. An optimal position was selected to achieve the highest level of multi-network sharing to maximize network performance.