3 V Receiver
The model AWR8004 wireless receiver is designed for 3 V operation and features conversion gain of 17 dB (typ) and noise figure of 3.5 dB (max). The unit offers low power consumption and a very small footprint and is highly integrated, allowing wireless system manufacturers to lower component counts and, thereby, reduce costs. It delivers a -8 dBm (typ) third-order intercept point and requires a power supply current of 12 mA (typ) biased from a single +3 V DC supply. Acting as a monolithic downconverter, the AWR8004 integrates a low noise amplifier, mixer, LO buffer and IF amplifier. Size: 8.64 x 3.91 mm. Price: $2 (10,000).
Warren, NJ
(908) 668-5000.

5 V Wideband Amplifier ICs
The models UPC2708TB and UPC2710TB amplifier ICs are designed to serve as a gain stage device in cellular, GPS and PCS receivers and DBS tuners and to serve as a PA driver in cellular, GPS and PCS receivers, respectively. The UPC2708TB features high output power for wideband operation and good gain and noise performance of 15 and 6.5 dB, respectively. The UPC2710TB features high output power for wideband operation and delivers high gain of 33 dB and high saturated power with good noise performance of 3.5 dB. Price: 48¢ (100,000).
California Eastern Laboratories (CEL),
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 988-3500.

RF Front-end Receiver IC
The model SA3600 highly integrated RF front-end receiver IC integrates 800 MHz cellular and 1900 MHz PCS-band low noise amplifiers and downconversion mixers and provides the gain, noise figure and linearity needed to meet the receiver sensitivity and intermodulation requirements for TDMA (IS-136 and GSM) dual-band, multimode digital cellular telephones. The on-chip LO frequency doubler, input/output buffer amplifiers, matching circuitry and control-made logic reduce external glue components. By integrating all key RF functions in a single chip, the SA3600 provides a complete dual-band receiver solution that saves board space and time. Samples are available in a 24-pin plastic thin shrink small outline package. Price: $2.29 (10,000).
Philips Semiconductors,
Sunnyvale, CA
(408) 991-2332.

Negative LDO Regulator
The model MIC5270 IttyBitty™ negative low dropout (LDO) regulator is available in the SOT-23-5 package and can supply up to 100 mA. Designed for GaAs FET bias, LCD and CCD array, and battery-operated equipment applications, the MIC5270 features a two percent tolerance over temperature, thermal shutdown and current limit. Quiescent current is 80 mA, and a -20 V (max) input voltage range ensures the part will survive power supply spikes that would be fatal for many other low power LDO regulators. Price: $1.22 (1000). Delivery: stock to eight weeks (ARO).
Micrel Inc.,
San Jose, CA
(408) 944-0800.