Doodle Labs is proud to announce an industry-first family of 5 new embedded 4.9 GHz MIMO transceivers to enable System Integrators and modem manufacturers to quickly develop innovative high throughput applications for the Public Safety Agencies. Designed in the compact miniPCI-Express form factor, the 4.9 GHz MIMO transceivers provide licensed band, secure and fast communication. The 4.9 GHz transceivers are long range, up to 32 dBm RF power, FCC Part 90, IEEE 802.11y and 802.11n compliant radio subsystems.  They are developed specifically for applications needing very high throughput and long range in the outdoor/rugged environments.

4.9 GHz Public Safety Band  

The FCC in the United States has allocated 50 MHz of licensed bandwidth in the 4.9 GHz frequency band for the public safety agencies to support their mobile and fixed broadband communications. This licensed band enables the public safety organizations to create highly secure wireless networks between emote workforces and headquarters. Improving communication through Broadband/IP applications empowers the remote workforce with information and tools that traditionally were accessible only from within the boundaries of an office building. Non-traditional public safety entities, such as utilities and commercial entities, and the Federal Government may enter into sharing arrangements with eligible traditional public safety entities to use the 4.9 GHz band in support of their missions regarding homeland security and protection of life and property. Many other countries (e.g. Japan and Australia) have also reserved this band for the exclusive use by the Public Safety Agencies.

Target Applications

The 4.9 GHz band allows a wide variety of wireless broadband applications. The FCC assigns primary status to the following types of uses:

  • Wireless LANs for incident scene management (ad hoc mobile networks)
  • Mesh networks
  • Back-hauling for Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Temporary fixed communications
  • Permanent fixed point-to-point/multipoint links that deliver broadband service
  • Permanent fixed point-to-point video surveillance
  • Permanent fixed point-to-point/multipoint backhaul of broadband traffic originating from 700 MHz public safety broadband networks

The 4.9 GHz MIMO transceivers are available now. Please contact Doodle Labs to discuss your project at