Samtec Inc., a leading provider of high bandwidth and micropitch interconnect systems, announced  the acquisition of nMode Solutions, of Oro Valley,
“The acquisitions of nMode Solutions and their subsidiary, Triton Microtechnologies, is a critical next step in Samtec’s technology roadmap. This furthers our Silicon-to-Silicon strategy of helping designers optimize the high-speed signal path from the bare die, to IC package and assembly, to the PCB, to connectors and cable assemblies, and back again,” said Steve Groothuis, chief technology officer of Samtec Microelectronics. “With these requirements in mind, Samtec is investing in advanced technology to enable next generation systems. nMode uses its high frequency design and fabrication expertise to provide advanced 2D, 2.5D and 3-D stacked package solutions. nMode “smart” sensor modules, RF filters, and evaluation boards support the high-performance, high-density demands of the IC Packaging industry. Utilizing Triton Microtechnologies patented Glass Core Technology, nMode designers use the superior performance and material characteristics of glass to achieve significant miniaturization and integration far beyond what is possible with organic materials.”
“We are thrilled to be part of the Samtec team,” said Tim Mobley, CEO and President of nMode Solutions. “nMode and Triton’s processes and technologies, combined with Samtec’s advanced IC packaging capabilities, enable us to provide unprecedented design, development, and fabrication support for next generation systems.”
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