New Literature

Programmable DC Power Supply Brochure
This four-page brochure describes programmable DC power supplies that offer a one-box-solution architecture, remote sensing, programmable protection settings, electronic calibration, low ripple and noise output, and a standard GPIB interface. Product photographs and outline drawings are provided.
American Reliance Inc. (AMREL),
Arcadia, CA
(800) 654-9838 or (626) 303-6688.

Planar Electromagnetic Field Simulator Brochure
This six-page brochure details the company's Ensemble series planar electromagnetic simulation software for RF and wireless design. Screen shots are included. A typical use model is described.
Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 261-3200.

Soft Ferrite Selection Guide
This selection guide provides information on the company's TPC series soft ferrite cores, including electromagnetic interference suppression components (toroids and E, U and ST/SQ cores) for filtering and broadband transformer applications. Specifications and ordering information are included.
AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC
(843) 946-0414.

1999 New Product Catalog
This 16-page catalog features more than 25 new products, including IC testers, programmable power supplies, video monitor testers, and test instruments and accessories. Product photographs are provided. Pricing information is listed with each product.
B&K Precision Corp.,
Placentia, CA
(714) 237-9220.

1999 International Sourcebook
This 64-page catalog includes a complete product selection guide and detailed technical specifications on nearly 40 surface-mount and through-hole quartz crystals and temperature-compensated and voltage-controlled crystal oscillators. Outline drawings and electrical specifications are included.
Ecliptek Corp.,
Costa Mesa, CA
(800) 325-4783.

Short-form Specification Catalog
This 60-page catalog provides detailed specifications on products for land mobile communication, FM radio broadcasting, television broadcasting, aeronautics and PCS/personal communications network applications. A list of the company's distributors is provided.
EMR Corp.,
Phoenix, AZ
(800) 796-2875 or (602) 581-2875.

38 GHz Waveguide Diplexer Data Sheets
These data sheets detail 38 GHz waveguide diplexer filters designed for use in point-to-point radio and base station link applications. Product photographs and performance data are provided.
K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-2424.

1999 Product Catalog
This eight-page catalog provides information on the company's full line of products, including test and measurement cables for phase and amplitude stable measurements through 40 GHz and low loss systems cables for wireless, space and high power RF/microwave applications. Product photographs are included.
Stroudsburg, PA
(877) 634-2742 or (570) 424-8400.

Sensor and Transducer-based Measurement Book
This book is designed to help engineers, scientists and students make better measurements by connecting common sensors and transducers to PCs running the company's LabVIEW® series software. Hands-on challenges and real-life projects are discussed.
National Instruments,
Austin, TX
(800) 258-7022.

AC Power Supply System Brochure
This four-page brochure provides an in-depth explanation of the company's model 9011 accelerometer power supply system designed for testing aircraft accelerometers. Specifications and outline drawings are provided.
Pragmatic Instruments Inc.,
San Diego, CA
(800) 772-4628 or (619) 271-6770.

Passive Hydrogen Maser Brochure
This four-page brochure overviews the company's model CH1-76 passive hydrogen maser designed for use as a laboratory, satellite ground station or test equipment reference standard, or Stratum 1 primary reference clock. Specifications and outline drawings are provided.
Quartzlock UK Ltd.,
Totnes, Devon, UK
+44 (0)1803 862062.

Precision Laser Micromachining Brochure
This brochure describes the company's capabilities as a provider of precision laser micromachining services for materials such as polyimides, silicon, quartz, sapphire and other exotics. Laser processing application notes are included.
Questech Services Corp.,
Garland, TX
(800) 736-1664 or (972) 278-8006.

1999 Land Mobile Radio Antenna Catalog
This 48-page catalog (no. AS-2001) features updates on all of the company's current lowband, VHF and UHF antennas as well as special-purpose, hand-held portable and general mobile antennas. Kit components and accessory items are also included.
Antenna Specialists, a division of Allen Telecom Inc.,
Cleveland, OH
(440) 349-8400.

1999/2000 Short-form Catalog
This catalog contains information on the company's hybrid components, cable assemblies, and value-added services and hi-rel upscreening.
Avnet Microwave Technical Solutions (Avnet-MTS),
San Jose, CA
(800) 605-3294, ext. 6019.

Chip Attenuator Brochure
This 12-page brochure describes the company's chip attenuator pads for military and commercial microwave integrated circuit applications, including specifications, installation, and mechanical and electrical performance. Outline drawings are included.
DAV Technology,
Tyngsborough, MA
(508) 649-4231.

Wireless Solution CD ROM
This CD ROM The Full Spectrum of Wireless Solutions features complete information on the company's semiconductor, wireless, component and ferretec products.
Filtronic Solid State (formerly Litton Solid State),
Santa Clara, CA
(408) 988-1331.

PCS Antenna Data Sheet
This data sheet contains information on the RangeStar™ PCS antenna accessory, which is designed to dramatically improve call quality and extend the range of PCS telephones. Specifications are listed. A product photograph is provided.
RangeStar International Corp.,
San Jose, CA
(408) 615-4010.

ATM Pocket Guide
This new asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) pocket guide provides insight into basic questions such as why ATM is needed, what it does, how it is standardized and how to test it.
Wavetek Wandel Goltermann,
Eningen, Germany
+49 7121 86-1616.

Engineering Bulletin
This 12-page engineering bulletin (Bulletin SG-800F) contains information on the company's complete, expanded line of SURFCOIL® chip inductors, including the new GLYC series higher current, epoxy encapsulated 0603 SMT chip inductors. Features, specifications and outline drawings for the six inductor sizes are provided.
Sprague-Goodman Electronics Inc.,
Westbury, NY
(516) 334-8700.