See AR at IMS2016 in San Francisco, Calif., Booth #1711.

While at AR's booth, ask about their industry-leading high power solid-state CW amplifiers. Products include a Class A RF amplifier capable of delivering over 50,000 W with -40 dBc minimum harmonic performance, a 10,000 W linear amplifier covering the entire 80 to 1000 MHz frequency band and a 3000 W, 1 to 2.5 GHz amplifier.

AR is also introducing a completely new series of solid-state pulse amplifier products that cover the 1 to 4 GHz frequency range in various bands. These amplifiers have excellent harmonic distortion, ease of maintenance, very high MTBF, and produce output powers approaching 150,000 W. Typical applications include EMC, EW and radar testing.

AR is also showcasing their ultra-wideband single amplifier 0.7 to 6 GHz, hybrid power modules and benchtop amplifiers in both Class A and Class AB designs. These single band amplifier designs incorporate the latest GaN devices, and utilize chip and wire technology, proprietary combining techniques, and are manufactured in our recently expanded microelectronics hybrid facility. Typical applications include semiconductor testing, device stress testing, wireless communications, EMC, IED and EW.

AR is also shipping microwave TWTA amplifiers up to 50 GHz for various EMC and testing applications.