Broadcom Ltd. announced a new dual-channel 5GHz Wi-Fi access point platform designed to enable enterprise and public venue operators to optimize performance for all connected devices. The Broadcom®  5G-HD platform is built on the new BCM49408 quad-core CPU, enabling client devices that are 5GHz 11ac-capable to maintain the fastest possible speeds by eliminating performance degradation that occurs when slower client devices share traditional single channel 5GHz Wi-Fi access points.

The needs of enterprise Wi-Fi environments have grown, in both the number of users requiring access as well as to support multi-media rich applications and data with a mix of client devices with differing capabilities. The Broadcom 5G-HD platform is ideal for enterprise high-density Wi-Fi environments, and offers the following configurations for the most versatile Wave-2 5G-HD access point (AP) platforms:

  • Dual Band, Dual Concurrent AP (2.4+5 or 5+5 GHz) – Configurable RF AP for mainstream and high-density modes.
  • Tri-Radio AP (2.4+5+5 GHz) – Dedicated radio access for 2.4GHz, while concurrently supporting Dual 5G capability

By supporting the 5G-HD platform, client devices can be separated based on capability to ensure high performance, which is especially useful in high-density environments. With the 5G-HD platform, the latest generation of 5G 11ac-capable smart phones, tablets and laptops can enjoy the fastest access possible while legacy client devices can maintain the performance they are used to.

The Broadcom 5G-HD platform uses the BCM49408 CPU at its foundation, an ARM v8 compliant 64-bit quad-core design that operates at 1.8GHz per core and delivers in excess of 5Gbps throughput. The low-power design of the BCM49408 CPU integrates five GE PHYs and a switch for LAN access as well as support for a 2.5G Ethernet PHYs for enhanced backhaul needs. The 5G-HD platform supports Broadcom’s latest generation “Wave-2” 802.11ac 4x4 radios (BCM43465) that offer support for 160Mhz channels, and up to eight concurrent multi-user MIMO device performance in dual 5G mode – the highest density of MU performance available today on an access point. The BCM43465 also features Broadcom’s industry-leading RangeBoost technology, which provides up to 6dB of link margin at range.

"Enterprise Wi-Fi has evolved from being a technology of pure access to a platform for more personalized and deeper user engagement experiences,” said Greg Fischer, senior vice president and general manager, Broadband Carrier Access, Broadcom. “This has driven the need for access points that can provide the high-density access and multi-channel capabilities that the 5G-HD platform leveraging the BCM49408 quad-core processor provides. The 5G-HD platform and BCM49408 processor underscores Broadcom’s technology leadership and investment in this growing space."

“Today, many organizations continue to support 2.4GHz users, but our research shows that there’s a movement towards exclusive use of 5GHz,” said Mathias Machowinski, senior research director, Enterprise Networks, IHS. “Configurable radios allow companies to deploy a WiFi infrastructure that can adapt to the changing nature of network-connected users and devices, and add additional 5GHz capacity at the time that’s right for them, without having to replace equipment.”

“High-traffic venues like airports, stadiums, convention centers, and university campuses drive high-volume usage that puts extraordinary pressure on existing infrastructure," said Dr. Derek Peterson, CTO, Boingo Wireless. "The dual-channel architecture of the Broadcom 5G-HD platform is the type of access point technology that will help our neutral host platform provide an even greater Wi-Fi experience to users as the migration to 5GHz gains momentum."

The Broadcom BCM49408 CPU and Broadcom 5G-HD reference designs are currently sampling. For more information about the complete family of Broadcom Wi-Fi solutions, visit: For more information, go to