30 W Power GaAs MESFET
The model NEZ3436-30E S-band GaAs MESFET offers high output power of 30 W, low distortion of -45 dBc, high power-added efficiency of 37 percent and high linear gain of 10 dB. The unit operates from 3.4 to 3.6 GHz for use in high power wireless local loop transmitter applications. For optimum performance and ease of system design, an internal matching network provides matching to 50 W. Sealed in a rugged hermetic package, the device features two chips, each of which offer a 0.9 mm tungsten silicide gate structure. Price: $264 (100).
California Eastern Laboratories (CEL),
Santa Clara, CA
(800) 390-3232.

Low Capacitance Schottky Barrier Diode
The model ZSS1510 RF Schottky barrier diode is designed for RF tag use and features a typical capacitance of 0.9 pF with zero-bias operation in signal detection and mixer applications in the gigahertz region. In addition, the unit operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz with a power input of -20 dBm, load resistance of 100 kW, voltage sensitivity of 1.3 mV/mW and video source impedance of 500 kW. Under forward current conditions of 10 mA, dynamic resistance of the device is 17 W (max). The unit also features an ambient temperature of 25°C and total power dissipation of 330 mW. Price: 25¢ (10,000). Delivery: eight weeks.
Zetex Inc.,
Commack, NY
(516) 543-7100.