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Advances in Computational Electrodynamics; The Finite-Difference Time Domain Method
Allen Taflove (Editor)

Artech House Inc.
724 pages; $99, £74
ISBN: 0-89006-834-8

This book (an updated edition of an earlier work on computational electrodynamics published in 1995) offers a compilation of material by a number of experts in various elements of finite-difference time domain (FDTD) methodology, and describes the most important recent advances in FDTD theory and applications. Chapter 1 provides an annotated FDTD literature review. Chapters 2 and 3 present new techniques aimed at reducing numerical dispersion and computer resources in FDTD approaches. Recent progress in compact, fourth-order spacial-differencing methods are reported and a review of recent work in applying wavelet technology to FDTD methods is presented.

Chapters 4, 5 and 6 detail recent advances in grid-based time-domain Maxwell's equations algorithms, including periodic structures. A comprehensive discussion of FDTD and finite-volume time-domain techniques implemented on generalized meshes is presented as well as recent advances in perfectly matched layer absorbing boundary conditions.

Chapters 7 through 11 involve recent progress in FDTD modeling of specific, high interest engineering applications in microwaves, mm-waves and optics technology. A tutorial discussion of the key aspects of FDTD antenna modeling is presented. The efficient and systematic application of FDTD methods to digital circuits is shown. Details are also provided on combining FDTD electromagnetic wave modeling with the physics of charge transport within mm-wave MESFETs. Recent applications of FDTD modeling to microscale optical resonators for low threshold, high speed lasers and practical optical signal processors are discussed.

In addition, the use of FDTD in evaluating the dosimetry and engineering aspects of human exposure to a wide variety of electromagnetic fields is covered. The final chapter offers a discussion of imaging and inverse problems in electromagnetics and demonstrates how FDTD modeling can be advantageously applied.

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