Crane Aerospace & Electronics, a segment of Crane Co., announces a new K-Band 2-way device, which expands their Iso-Divider product line for space applications. Crane’s new K-Band 2-way Iso-Divider features similar outstanding performance as previously introduced Ku-Band 2-, 4- and 8-way products, including exceptionally low insertion loss and optimum band flatness performance. Other features include small size, low weight and high reliability, crucial for space applications. 

The Iso-Divider combines the functions of high performance power dividers wih ferrite isolators to provide an integrated high-isolation power divider solution for satellite receiver applications. Integration of the two functions into a single package provides enhanced product reliability due to fewer external components, interconnects and transitions. Additionally, marrying the power divider and isolators in the same package allows the performance of the integrated unit to be carefully matched, providing better overall performance. Size and weight of the new product are considerably less than an equivalent discrete assembly.

“The Iso-Divider product family was formed after listening to our customer needs,” said Mike Clark, Vice President Microwave Solutions for Crane Aerospace & Electronics. “Previously, our customers would come to us for our power dividers, but then would need to go somewhere else to acquire the isolators. They also needed to determine the best method for connecting the two. We were able to design an integrated solution for them that not only makes their procurement more convenient, but makes their overall performance more robust.” 

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