The R&S BBA150 amplifier family's D series is characterized by high power density and appeals especially to the automotive and wireless communications industry. A desktop model of only four height units delivers up to 200 W. In total, an output power of up to 800 W in the frequency range from 690 MHz to 3.2 GHz is possible. Both frequency bands, from 1.2 GHz to 1.4 GHz and 2.7 GHz to 3.2 GHz, as are necessary for automotive radar pulse tests with high field strength, are integrated in only one amplifier. With a frequency range starting at 690 MHz, the amplifiers meet the requirements of the LTE, GSM700, UMTS and WLAN mobile communications standards. The high power levels are required for compliance tests in EMC labs. Users in the field of research and development can use the amplifiers for robustness and precompliance tests. In production, the amplifiers are available for device und product validation tests.

The compact, modular design of the R&S BBA150 broadband amplifier family enables the setup of complete systems. They feature high availability thanks to their outstanding mismatch tolerance and ability to handle both short-circuiting at the RF end and an open RF output. The result is low downtime and considerable cost savings. The operation of the R&S BBA150 is flexible. Depending on scenario, it can be manually operated via its display and buttons or it can be automatically controlled via a remote control interface or a web browser.

The R&S BBA150 can be scaled and configured to optimally meet test setup requirements. This modular concept protects customer investments and makes it possible to upgrade the amplifier's power and frequency range later on. The worldwide Rohde & Schwarz service network is a reliable source of modules and spare parts when necessary.

All amplifiers are series-produced on a production line in one of Europe's most advanced manufacturing plants. The award-winning Rohde & Schwarz plant in Teisnach, Germany, offers superior manufacturing depth. Automated final test setups ensure that only products with complete specifications leave the plant.

The new R&S BBA150 D series models are available now. E-mail: for more information.