NXP Semiconductors has introduced the MMZ25332B4 InGaP HBT linear amplifier. The device is housed in a 4 mm x 4 mm QFN package that can be used on thicker printed circuit boards (PCB), particularly where thermal sensitivity is high.

The MMZ25332B4 is a 2 W, two-stage, wideband linear amplifier designed for small cell; W-CDMA and LTE base station applications. It operates at 1500 – 2700 MHz from a supply voltage of 3-5 V.

Since the device has partial internal matching, customers can reduce external matching components in their designs. Bias current may be adjusted by varying the values of the external bias resistors. The device also provides exceptional linearity, with a typical output power performance in LTE mode of 22.5 dBm with adjacent channel leakage ratio of -48 dBc.  The MMZ25332B4 can handle an RF input overdrive up to 30 dBm and has a human body model ESD rating of Class 2.

To accelerate new design development, application tools are available for a range of application frequencies and include full characterization and design information in an evaluation kit.

The MMZ25332B4 is in production and available through NXP or one of its distribution partners. Evaluation kits and other support tools are available upon request.