Anritsu Co. announces it is a founding member of the Open Lab Alliance (OLA), a collaboration of industry leaders with the common goal of advancing connected vehicle and autonomous vehicle technologies. The OLA was officially launched during a grand opening ceremony at the CETECOM laboratory in Milpitas, Calif.on February 12, 2016.

The OLA promotes a collaborative test environment to the automotive engineering and software development community. It provides the real-world, in-lab test scenarios necessary for developing connected vehicle subsystems and applications.

OLA is hosted by a highly accredited test laboratory and is comprised of industry leading test and measurement companies, roadside unit (RSU) suppliers, and simulation system tool providers that deliver state-of-the-art automotive test technologies. Anritsu, CETECOM and other founding members formed OLA to accelerate the development of connected vehicle and autonomous vehicle technologies used in intelligent transportation systems.

With multiple benches, each OLA station addresses a specific test challenge. In a controlled, open environment, engineers can develop lab experiments and perform various tests, such as telematics control unit (TCU) cellular module tests, spectrum analysis, AppLink test development, cyber security tests, and radio Airlink channel emulation wireless connectivity. Automated Connected driving simulation can be conducted, as well. 

The Anritsu MD8475A Signaling Tester is part of a bench for system-level testing of the cellular TCU designed into vehicles. The MD8475A was selected because its test capabilities include 2G, 3G and 4G LTE testing of handovers, roaming, IP data throughput, VoLTE, CMAS, and device aggression. It can also be used by engineers to create reject scenarios of how the device responds when the network ignores or misses a message from the device, or when the network rejects a cellular signaling message.

Anritsu is also providing equipment for general troubleshooting in the lab, including the Spectrum Master™ MS2720T handheld spectrum analyzer, Site Master™ S362E handheld cable and antenna analyzer, and the new Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A that allows users to monitor the DSRC 802.11p signals transmitting to and from the Savari RSU, which is broadcasting the lab.

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