Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), the global wireless and broadcast infrastructure specialist, has supplied its HYBRIFLEX® hybrid cable solution to German installer Abel for deployment at nearly 500 of a premier German operator’s base stations. The hybrid feeder cabling solution is proving so advantageous to the operator that it is now being integrated into its live network.

“Customer feedback has been excellent,” said Reinhard Pönopp, Regional Sales Manager at RFS. “The customer explicitly appreciates the fact that RFS is delivering the ordered HYBRIFLEX cable directly on-site in the requested lengths.”

The cable combines optical fiber and DC power for Remote Radio Heads (RRHs) in a single corrugated cable. Operators worldwide appreciate the easy handling and cost-saving features of the cable. With Abel and its customers, it has become an essential part of the operator’s LTE sites.

RFS delivers a three-sector HYBRIFLEX cable combining three DC power pairs and three multi-mode fiber optic pairs, serving three RRHs. Because it is a single, compact cable, it requires considerably less space than conventional cables. This is crucial at existing sites, especially in urban locations where space constraints typically present major challenges. The cable also requires fewer installation materials and steps, accelerating deployments to save both time and money.

HYBRIFLEX uses standard accessories and the same installation methods as other RFS radio frequency cables. No specialized accessories or knowledge is required. “For Abel this is a great advantage as it increases the security, improves the quality and makes organizational issues easier ─ the installation teams are already equipped with RFS standard accessories,” said Pönopp.

The hybrid cable is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as high winds and lightning. Aluminum armor provides robust protection of the fiber optic and DC cables. The aluminum armor and use of standard grounding kits also provides integrated lightning protection on a par with that of RFS’ RF feeder cables, which are claimed to have a much better level of protection than that of conventional DC cables.

“We are delighted to see RFS’ game-changing hybrid cable solution being deployed in a prominent operator’s market. This helps them save money, tower space, and accelerates their deployments, which are all crucial improvements in this increasingly complex industry,” said Rodrigo Oliveira, Global Product Line Director - HYBRIFLEX FTTx Solutions at RFS.