Filter Design Programs
The PCFILT and S/FILSYN filter design programs have been upgraded to operate under the 32-bit Windows '95/'98/NT operating systems. PCFILT has been fully converted to a true Windows program, allowing it to take advantage of the features of these new operating systems. While still DOS based, S/FILSYN can now operate from its menu system under Windows NT due to its new REXX script system, which replaces the previous EBL system. When combined, the programs allow for synthesis, analysis and circuit transformation of virtually all filter types. S/FILSYN can create coupled-triplet networks utilizing coupling between nonadjacent resonators derived from simple L-C trap topologies to form stopband transmission zeros. These new topologies as well as most conventional ones, can be ported directly to PCFILT for transformations and analysis of attenuation, return loss, group delay, impulse response and the distribution of voltages and currents throughout the network while under power.
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