Signal Analyzers
The FSIQ series signal analyzers offer fully integrated spectrum, modulation and time analysis for wideband CDMA applications and wireless standards, including GSM, IS-136 and IS95-CDMA. Three models are available with different frequency bands, including the 20 Hz to 3.5 GHz model FSIQ3, 20 Hz to 7 GHz model FSIQ7 and 20 Hz to 26.5 GHz model FSIQ26. The units deliver low phase noise of +IBM-148 dBc/Hz at 5 MHz offset, low thermal noise floor of +IBM-147 dBm at 10 Hz bandwidth and an ACPR dynamic range of 75 dB, which reduces ACPR measurement error to insignificant levels.
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co.,

V-band Power Sensor
The model HP V8486A V-band power sensor is designed to make accurate and repeatable true-average power measurements in the 50 to 75 GHz frequency range. Applications operating in this frequency band include automotive collision-avoidance radar, aerospace and defense, and microwave radio systems. Price: $4495.
Hewlett-Packard Co.,
Palo Alto, CA
(800) 452-4844, ext. 6248.

RF/Microwave System Analyzers
The 6800 series microwave system analyzer combines a synthesized source, three-input scalar analyzer and synthesized spectrum analyzer into a single instrument. Eight instruments are available with versions from 3 to 24 GHz that cover the major RF and microwave frequency bands. Prices: range from $17,000 for the 3 GHz analyzer (model 6821) to $64,000 for the 24 GHz analyzer (model 6844).
IFR Systems Inc.,
Wichita, KS
(800) 835-2352.

Mobile Satellite Test Set
This mobile satellite test set provides a test translator and block downconverter in a single transportable package. The unit offers transmit-to-receive and receive-to-L- or transmit-to-L-band frequency translations in either C- or Ku-band. Both translations are designed for a minimum of amplitude and delay distortion.
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 439-9108.

7-16 Coaxial Calibration Kit
This open, short and load (OSL) 7-16 coaxial component calibration kit for scalar and vector network analysis incorporates individual components for OSL testing and is engineered to meet high standards, including mechanical tolerances based on IEC ratings. Specifications include a frequency range up to 8 GHz, impedance of 50 W, open and short electrical length of 26.6 mm and load SWR of less than 1.012. Price: $2900.10 each. Delivery: stock to one week.
Spinner North America Inc.,
Norcross, GA
(770) 263-6326.

VXI Controllers
The VXIpc+ISI--870/450 series embedded versa module Eurocard extension for instrumentation (VXI) controllers are powered by a 450 MHz Intel Pentium II+ISI- processor and deliver good VXI and PC performance. State-of-the-art packaging enables the C-size, two-slot units to take full advantage of the Intel Slot 1 microprocessor family without compromising performance or space. The series is fully VXI plug-and-play compliant and is compatible with all Windows +IBk-95/+IBk-98/NT software. Price: $8995.
National Instruments,
Austin, TX
(800) 258-7022.

Broadband Schottky and Tunnel Diode Detectors
These broadband Schottky and tunnel diode detectors are designed for use in coaxial systems in the measurement of relative microwave power up to 100 mW over the frequency range of 10 MHz to 18 GHz. Both the models CR-133 (0.01 to 13.4 GHz) and CR-183 (0.01 to 18 GHz) feature a frequency response of 0.2 dB/octave to 8 GHz, power of 100 mV (max), output impedance of 15 kW (max) shunted to 10 pF and negative polarity. SWR is 1.2 (max) from 10 MHz to 4.5 GHz and 1.7 (max) from 12.4 to 18 GHz. Options available include negative and positive output polarity, matched pairs and square law response.
RLC Electronics Inc.,
Mt. Kisco, NY
(914) 241-1334.

RF Industrial Compliance Meter
The model HI-3804 RF industrial compliance meter is designed for electromagnetic field (EMF) detection and measurement in the 10 to 42 MHz ISM frequency bands. The device simplifies the testing methods required to determine EMF emissions compliance in high field environments such as RF heating and welding. Features include onboard data logging and review electric and magnetic field strength measurements linear, squared and power density units display+ADs- and a dynamic range of 0.05 to 50 mW/cm2.
Holaday Industries Inc.,
Eden Prairie, MN
(612) 934-4920.

Triband Satellite Simulator
The model TSS-CXK triband satellite simulator is designed to replicate transmissions in the C-, X- and Ku-band frequency ranges. The unit is a broadband RF-to-RF converter that translates an input uplink frequency band to an output downlink frequency band and includes receive and transmit horn antennas to simulate the satellite up and down link. The simulator offers good transmission characteristics and the low phase noise accommodates digital data that normally would be transmitted via Defense Satellite Communications System (X-band) or commercial (C- and Ku-band) satellites. The unit is packaged in a single ruggedized transit case for ease of use and transportation.
LNR Communications Inc.,
Hauppauge, NY
(516) 273-7111.

CDMA Amplifier Test Sets
The MW-CWG series amplifier test sets are designed to provide component manufacturers with a simple, low cost way to perform high volume testing of CDMA transmitting amplifiers and handle the challenges associated with the high crest factor of CDMA signals. The units are controlled via a GPIB IEEE 488-2 bus with a VGA output port for connecting to external display. Specifications include a frequency range from 824 to 2330 MHz, power accuracy of 0.25 dB, impedance of 50 W, SWR of 1.5 (max) and attenuation range of 0 to 104 dB in 1 dB steps (0.1 dB optional). Size: 19.00" x 5.25" x 21.00" (19" rack mountable). Weight: 25 lb.
Micronetics Wireless Inc.,
Hudson, NH
(603) 883-2900.