Qorvo_RFPA5522_RFPA5542_PR_PhotoIntegrated regulators offer high PAE, high Pout at low EVM levels, and high gain

Richardson RFPD Inc. announced the availability and full design support capabilities for two Wi-Fi-integrated PA modules from Qorvo.

The RFPA5522 and RFPA5542 are three-stage power amplifiers designed for 802.11a/n/ac applications. The integrated input and output 50Ω match greatly reduces the layout area, bill of materials and manufacturability cost in the customer application. The devices are manufactured on an advanced InGaP heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) process and are capable of achieving linear powers up to +23 dBm with an EVM <1.8% while maintaining excellent power added efficiency. The new PA modules are provided in 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm x 0.9 mm laminate packages that meet or exceed the power requirements of IEEE802.11a/n/ac Wi-Fi RF systems.

The RFPA5522 offers an extended operating frequency of 4.900 GHz to 5.925 GHz, at either a 3.3V or 5V bias.

The RFPA5542 also offers an extended operating frequency of 4.900 GHz to 5.925 GHz, at 5V bias, and is optimized to minimize the required external components to maintain linear performance.

According to Qorvo, additional key features of the new devices include:

  • Pout = +23 dBm, 5V, 11ac, 80 MHz MCS9 @ 1.8% EVM
  • Pout = +25 dBm, 5V, 11n, 20/40 MHz, MCS7 @ 3% EVM
  • Typical gain = 33 dB
  • Integrated regulator
  • Integrated power detector

The new PA modules are designed for customer premise equipment (CPE), wireless access points and gateways, routers, set-top boxes, and picocell/femtocell applications.

To find more information or to purchase these products today online, please visit the RFPA5522 and RFPA5542 webpages. The devices are also available by calling 1-800-737-6937.