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Due to the complex measurements required to characterize modern RF semiconductor components, the proper integration of test and measurement equipment with a probe system is time-consuming and costly. Setting up a measurement system to deliver accurate and repeatable results is challenging, given the number of factors that come into play: the user interface, mechanical properties of the probe system, the electrical and mechanical properties of the RF probe tips, the mechanical connection and integration of the network analyzer with the probe system and the functionality and usability of the software. Also, the vector network analyzers (VNA) must provide the RF performance and functionality required for complete and accurate characterization for demanding devices, such as amplifiers and converters, over a wide frequency range.

To address these challenges, MPI and Rohde & Schwarz worked together to successfully integrate R&S VNAs and MPI engineering probe systems and RF accessories. The companies say this is the first probe system specifically designed for high precision measurements at millimeter wave and sub-millimeter wave (THz) frequencies, based on a seamless integration of millimeter wave converters.

The TITAN™ RF probes provide excellent, real-time visibility of the probe tip contacts for highly accurate positioning of the probes. Alongside qualified MPI calibration substrates, TITAN probe technology covers frequencies up to 110 GHz. MPI provides the complete system, including probes, calibration standards and other accessories. IntuitiveQAlibria™ calibration software with multi-touch functionality and multi-language interface supports the R&S®ZVA and R&S®ZNB VNAs. Tight integration with StatistiCAL® from NIST enables easy and confident metrology-level calibration of the R&S VNAs.

Featuring highly stable sources, the R&S®ZVA with Rohde & Schwarz frequency converters are ideally suited for on-wafer component characterization at millimeter wave frequencies. The converters have been optimized mechanically for on-wafer measurements.

MPI Corp.
Chu-pei City, Taiwan

Rohde & Schwarz
Munich, Germany