Pasternack Enterprises Inc., a leading provider of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, has partnered with Besser Associates to offer customers a seamless portal for accessing continuing education courses in the fields of RF, microwave and millimeter wave technologies.

Founded in 1985, Besser Associates delivers in-person and alternative media training to professionals working with analog, RF, wireless, digital, and networking technologies. The courses are designed to keep engineers and technical support personnel up to date with the latest trends in high frequency technologies as well as provide advanced theoretical and hands-on training from recognized experts in these fields.

As a leading provider of RF and microwave products as well as being a hub for RF technical resources, Pasternack is exposing tens of thousands of new users to the value and capabilities supplied by Besser’s continuing education. All training courses are performed either in-person or on demand by Besser Associates. These instructors are recognized experts in their fields and are comprised of top-notch design engineers, skilled in both technology and the art of instructing. Each instructor averages more than 20 years of education and practical first-hand experience and they bring a wealth of training and information to the courses they present.

“As a long time user and advocate of Besser’s RF training program, we wanted to provide our customers or any individuals seeking to expand their technical knowledge easy access to courses put on by the industry’s foremost experts in RF education,” explains Brian MacDonald, President of Pasternack.

“Pasternack’s reach, reputation and history in the RF space made for an ideal partnership that will help expand the awareness of our advanced RF training courses to potentially thousands of new engineers,” says Jeff Lange, President of Besser Associates.

Course materials and additional information related to the Besser continuing education syllabus can be found at or at Pasternack can be reached at +1-949-261-1920.