RF Power/Volt Meters
The 5230 series power/volt meters measure RF voltage from 10 Hz to 2.5 GHz and measure power from 10 kHz to 100 GHz. When operating as a power meter, the unit can make more than 200 measurements per second and measures power levels from -70 to +44 dBm within a 90 dB dynamic range. The model 5232 dual-channel meter allows input and output measurements to be made and viewed simultaneously. For voltage measurements, the units have a voltage range of 200 mV to 10 V with true RMS response below 30 mV. Prices: $3450 for the model 5231 single-channel meter and $4450 for the model 5232 dual-channel meter. Delivery: six weeks (ARO).
Boonton Electronics Corp.,
Parsippany, NJ
(973) 386-9696.

Wideband Radio Channel Simulator
The PROPSim+ series real-time wideband multipath fading simulator enables wireless system developers to simulate complex, realistic environments and propagation phenomena in the laboratory. The simulator meets the new testing requirements of 3G mobile IMT-2000, UMTS, CDMA2000 and wireless CDMA. The system simulates radio channels over as many as 312 user-programmable fading paths in an RF bandwidth of up to 35 MHz with a center frequency of 100 MHz to 2.65 GHz. Multipath fading and path combining are implemented via digital technology, and DSP hardware computes 50 giga-multiplications per second, creating sliding delays and a delay resolution of 1 ns. The simulator's conversion capabilities enable the use of actual measured channel data in simulation. The system includes the PropSoft series Windows®-based advanced-channel modeling software, which creates dynamic time-varying channels by providing transmitter position, scatterer properties and receiver route.
Elektrobit Ltd.,
Oulu, Finland
+358-400-308 396.

Near-field Antenna Measurement System
This near-field antenna measurement system is capable of measuring antenna apertures up to 6' in diameter over a frequency range of 1 to 40 GHz. The 6' x 6' system uses stepper motors and a rack and pinion drive system to position a measurement probe to an accuracy of 0.001" RMS over the 6' x 6' scan plane. The system is available for both planar and cylindrical test capabilities.
Nearfield Systems Inc.,
Carson, CA
(310) 518-4277.

GSM Test Filter
This cellular test filter provides low insertion loss of less than 1.5 dB in the 876 to 915 MHz passband and high selectivity at 920 MHz of greater than 50 dB. In addition, SWR is better than 1.5 over the passband and ultimate rejection is greater than 60 dB out to 3000 MHz. Size: 7.35" x 3.25" x 2.35" (not including SMA connectors).
K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-2424.

RMS Electric Field Probe
The model HI-4456 electric field probe provides true RMS electric field detection from 300 MHz to 18 GHz. The unit offers improved measuring capability for radar and other pulsed-field applications. The probe can be used with the company's models HI-4413P RS232 modem, HI-4416 numeric readout, HI-4460 graphical readout and ProbeView™ EMF analysis software.
Holaday Industries Inc.,
Eden Prairie, MN
(612) 934-4920.

ACELP Vocoder Test Capability
The model 1900 CSA test set is now equipped with new software that is designed to address new testing requirements contained in Revision A of the IS-136 specification, including testing ACELP vocoders. The new software adds the capability to simulate and decode TDMA message types and information. New power measurement capabilities include enhanced low level accuracy for base station transmit testing, and new commands for displaying base station and handset adjacent-power ratios. Capabilities for cell site and mobile simulation, and RDTC and FDTC monitoring also are provided. Base station bit error rate (BER) testing has been extended to provide BER testing for TDMA mobiles. Additional capabilities include analog voice channel to ACELP digital traffic channel handoff testing, analog control channel to ACELP digital traffic channel call setup testing and adjacent-channel power radio measurement.
IFR Americas Inc.,
Wichita, KS
(316) 522-4981.

Liquid Cells
With the addition of the model 1000T two-port setup, liquid cells are now available in standard 1.5", 1", 14 mm and 7 mm sizes. These configurations are equipped with calibration standards; thru-reflect-line/line-reflect-line or short/open/load; loading aids; and a data processing package. The software facilitates the entire measurement process during which sweeps of dielectric constant and loss tangent are made. The operating bandwidth is approximately 1 MHz to 6 GHz.
Damaskos Inc.,
Concordville, PA
(610) 358-0200.