2.3 - 2.6 GHz Directional Coupler
The model DC25-73 directional coupler operates in the 2.3 to 2.6 GHz band for wireless messaging applications. The unit delivers low insertion loss at 0.2 dB along with good isolation and coupling repeatability. The coupler is available in a small SOT-6 lead surface-mount package in a tape-and-reel format for easy handling. Price: 80¢ (10,000).
Alpha Industries,
Woburn, MA
(800) 290-7200, ext. 306 or (508) 628-4702, ext. 306.

4 x 4 Hybrid Matrix
This 4 x 4 hybrid matrix operates from 750 to 960 MHz and utilizes four amplifiers in parallel typically to cover three channels, providing good reliability and performance for users with less overall amplifier capacity. The matrix also utilizes low loss multilayer stripline technology and features four surface-mount SMA- or N-type connectors on each side of the assembly to ensure logical attachment. Specifications include isolation of 20 dB (min), insertion loss of 0.5 dB, SWR of 1.25 (max), peak amplitude balance of 0.5 dB and peak phase balance of 3°. Size: 2.0" x 2.5".
Anaren Microwave Inc.,
Syracuse, NY
(800) 544-2414.

PCS Duplexers
The CCDP-50 series PCS duplexers are factory tunable to any of the PCS or digital communication system (DCS) bands. Typical performance includes an insertion loss of less than 0.85 dB, passband flatness of less than 0.1 dB, rejection of greater than 50 dB and return loss of greater than 18 dB. Size: 2.50" x 1.50" x 1.38". Delivery: stock.
ClearComm Technologies Inc.,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 860-0500.

Multichannel Backup Switch
The 5D4 series five-pole, four-throw (5P4T) coaxial switch is designed for cell site amplifier switching. The unit connects multiple amplifiers with multiple signal sources to the output of multiple amplifiers and antennas. Specifications include a DC to 3 GHz frequency range, SWR of 1.2 (max), insertion loss of 0.20 dB (max), isolation of 60 dB (min), power handling of 50 W CW and switching time of 15 mS. Delivery: stock to six weeks.
Dow-Key Microwave Corp.,
Venture, CA
(805) 650-0260.

Subminiature Quartz Crystals
The type NES7 and NLS7 quartz crystals feature rugged, subminiature AT-cut strip crystal resonators housed in a small 5 x 7 mm ceramic package. The units are available in frequencies ranging from 9.8304 to 40.32 MHz (fundamental) and 28.6363 to 100 MHz (third overtone) and operate over a temperature range of -20° to +70°C with a temperature stability tolerance of ±30 and ±50 ppm over the temperature range.
Menlo Park, CA
(800) 227-8974.

Microwave Power-sensing Termination
The SmartLoads series microwave power-sensing terminations offer straight-line linear performance over a wide dynamic range. The diode-free terminations are completely passive and, therefore, are not a source of intermodulation themselves. The units are considered more robust than diodes because of their ability to survive static discharge. When used with the company's Thermopads" and a bridge circuit, the units become insensitive to variations in temperature. When used with high power attenuators, good response at power levels exceeding 150 W is possible.
EMC Technology LLC,
Cherry Hill, NJ
(609) 429-7800.

Analog Switches and Multiplexers
The ADG7xx series low voltage, high performance switches and multiplexers operate from a single-voltage supply (1.8 to 5.5 V) with a typical RON of less than 5 W (6 W max), leakage specification of 350 pA (max) over temperature, wide 200 MHz input bandwidth, fast switching speed of less than 20 ns (max) and low distortion of 0.5 percent (typ). Prices: start at 51¢ (1000) for a SPST switch.
Analog Devices Inc.,
Wilmington, MA
(781) 937-1428.

Aluminum Nitride High Power Termination
The company's high power components are now available in nontoxic aluminum nitride. The model 32-1163 termination (the same size as the BeO model 32-1121) offers 40 W CW power handling and wideband low SWR performance of 1.08 from DC to 2 GHz and 1.2 from 2 to 4 GHz. The unit is designed for use in cellular and PCS systems for terminating couplers and isolators and as antenna dummy loads, and are also available as a flangeless Power Pak.
Florida RF Labs,
Stuart, FL
(800) 544-5594 or (561) 286-9300.

8 Bit Digital/Analog Attenuators
The 348 series hermetically sealed, digitally programmable attenuators exhibit an attenuation rage of 60 dB over octave bands in the 2 to 18 GHz frequency range. Employing 8 bit control, each model has 0.25 dB resolution with guaranteed monotonicity. The 348( ) models switch in less than 500 ns and the 348( )H models switch in less than 200 ns. Performance is guaranteed over the -54° to +110°C temperature range. The attenuators are designed primarily for digital control, but they may be controlled by an analog voltage or by a combination of analog and digital control. The 348( ) series operates to 100 mW RF without performance degradation while the faster 348( )H series operates to 10 mW RF power.
General Microwave Corp.,
Amityville, NY
(516) 226-8900.

High Frequency Fundamental Crystals
These high frequency fundamental crystals are available up to 50 MHz for voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO), temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) and filter applications. The units are available in two to three weeks for small quantities in HC-45/u and HC-49/U holders with ±10 ppm calibration tolerance and ±10 ppm temperature tolerance from 0° to +50°C.
International Crystal Manufacturing (ICM),
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 236-3741.

In-line High Power Attenuators
These high power attenuators feature a lossy wall to ensure a flat frequency response as well as an even power distribution for higher power capabilities. Waveguide sizes from WR650 to WR22 are available with various power levels. The addition of an external fan also makes these units capable of even higher power levels. The unit may be pressurized to assist in high power pulsed applications.
Microtech Inc.,
Cheshire, CT
(203) 272-3234.

Four-way Splitter/Combiner
The model ZB4PD-6.4 four-way, 0° power splitter/combiner operates from 5400 to 6800 MHz with high 25 dB isolation, low 0.6 dB insertion loss (above 6 dB), 0.9 dB amplitude and 9° phase unbalance (max), and good input and output 1.1 SWR matching. The unit is designed for 50 W systems and is equipped with SMA-F connectors. As a splitter, maximum power input is 10 W and as a combiner, maximum internal dissipation is 0.375 W when used from -55° to +100°C (max). Price: $99.95 (less than 10 units). Delivery: stock.
Brooklyn, NY
(718) 934-4500.

Subminiature RF Connector
The model RSA-3000-C2 connector is designed for simple assembly and crimp installation for use with the Times Microwave model LMR-222 low loss cable. The unit is part of the company's expanding subminiature line of SMA, SMB, MB, MCX and miniature pin plugs and receptacles. The unit is designed for use in high frequency and microwave applications where small size and performance are required. This SMA straight crimp plug for LMR-200 cable features Teflon™ insulation, gold-plated contact and nickel-plated body.
RF Connectors, a division of RF Industries,
San Diego, CA
(800) 233-1728.

Dual-band Power Divider
The model FP6252-1 2 x 16 dual-band power divider operates over the 800 to 2100 MHz frequency range. In the 800 to 960 MHz range, the unit features an SWR of 1.25, insertion loss of 1.15 dB (max) and isolation of 27 dB (min). In the 1700 to 2100 MHz range, SWR is 1.25, insertion loss is 2.5 dB (max) and isolation is 20 dB (min). Average power handling is 1 W. Size: 8.4" x 5.5" x 0.4" (not including SMA female connectors).
Sage Laboratories Inc.,
Natick, MA
(508) 653-0844.

18 GHz Microwave Bandpass Filter
The model 10330 enhanced transmit bandpass filter provides good out-of-band suppression with low loss and additional attenuation for LO interference for 18 GHz AML applications. The unit has a passband of 18.142 to 18.574 GHz, offering less than 1 dB insertion loss at the center frequency and 2.5 dB at the band edges. SWR is 1.5 (max). The unit features an integrated waveguide notch filter that provides 80 dB suppression at 18.088 GHz. Plated invar waveguide construction provides low loss and temperature stability. The unit measures 10" long and is equipped with standard 50 W type SMA connectors with optional waveguide outputs.
Microwave Filter Co.,
East Syracuse, NY
(800) 448-1666 or (315) 438-4700.

Hi-rel Semirigid Cable Assemblies
These semirigid microwave coaxial cable assemblies are manufactured to tight mechanical tolerances and maintain their electrical performance precisely (including phase stability) after bending and over-temperature excursions. The units feature microporous Teflon dielectric (which reduces insertion loss) and undergo extensive testing during production. The cables typically have phase stability of ±5° at 10 GHz, tolerance of 0.01" from connector plane to connector plane and employ silver plating to eliminate the undesirable characteristics that conventional tin plating exhibits when operated in space applications.
Pottstown, PA
(800) 223-2629.

0.3 - 1.2 pF Trimmer Capacitors
The model GNV1R200 trimmer capacitor (part of the company's sapphire dielectric PISTONCAP" series) operates in the 0.3 to 1.2 pF range. The fixed-length configuration is now available in six mounting styles in each range (0.4 to 2.5 pF, 0.6 to 4.5 pF and 0.8 to 8 pF). The trimmer capacitors feature high Q at UHF and microwave frequencies and can be adjusted precisely with good resolution (as high as 169 threads per inch). Two temperature coefficients are available, including 0 ppm/°C (NPO) or 350 ppm/°C. Operating temperature is from -55° to +125°C, rated voltage is 500 V DC, insulation resistance exceeds 106 MW at the rated voltage and tuning torque is 0.2 to 1.4 oz-in. Price: $3.67 each (1000).
Sprague-Goodman Electronics Inc.,
Westbury, NY
(516) 334-8700.

Wideband Operational Mixers
The models M5T, SM5T, SM5T17 and SM5TH high performance, wideband operational mixers are available in flatpack/surface-mount packaging, covering RF 50 to 5000 MHz, LO 50 to 5000 MHz and IF 50 to 3000 MHz at +10 dBm LO drive power. The wideband, load-sensitive units feature 7.2 dB (typ) conversion loss and 35 dB isolation. The model SM5T17 offers +17 dBm LO drive and the model SM5TH offers high intercept of +29 dBm (typ). The company matches the diodes and constructs the balanced transformers for optimum balance and minimum noise figure.
Stellex Microwave Systems Inc.,
Palo Alto, CA
(800) 321-8075

Solid-state Programmable Attenuators
The models 4206 and 4208 high power, solid-state programmable attenuators are designed for use in wireless/cellular, RF simulation/emulation and communication test applications. Specifications include a nominal impedance of 50 W, frequency range of 45 MHz to 2.5 GHz and SWR of 1.4 (max). Nominal insertion loss is 7.75, 12.8 and 12.4 dB from 0.045 to 1 GHz, 1 to 2 GHz and 2 to 2.5 GHz, respectively, for the model 4208, and 5.75, 8 and 9 dB in the same frequencies for the model 4206.
Weinschel Corp.,
Frederick, MD
(800) 638-2048 or (301) 846-9222.