MVG (Microwave Vision Group) announces a significant contract (circa 9€ million) from PIT-RADWAR S.A. for the purchase of a turnkey, state-of-the-art, antenna test facility in Poland.

This new operation will include two large anechoic chambers, one with a planar near field scanner and the other with a compact antenna test range reflector and a highly accurate radar antenna positioner.   Both chambers will be delivered as turnkey installations including RF instrumentation, computers and control software. The project, secured in cooperation with ORBIT/FR Europe GmbH and MVG’s Polish partner Tespol, is expected to span 18 months and will improve PIT-RADWAR’s capability to measure the next generation of radar antennas at their test and measurement facility in Kobyłka, Poland.

Talking about why MVG were selected for this project, Per Noren, EMEA Sales Manager at MVG said, “MVG is already known for highly innovative solutions.  This project for PIT-RADWAR demonstrates our capability as a turnkey systems provider.”

MVG worked very closely with the PIT-RADWAR project team to understand their exact requirements, then MVG’s engineering team designed a facility which perfectly suits their test and measurement needs.

Ryszard Kardasz, CEO at PIT-RADWAR S.A., added, “This is a unique project not only for Europe, but worldwide.  The project scope includes a setup of independent anechoic chambers - one of the largest in Europe - complete with measurement equipment. The chambers will allow us to test and measure a wide variety of antennas and take electromagnetic compatibility measurements of large-size objects, for example, complete radars and tanks.”

This contract contributes to the increase in MVG’s order book in the first quarter which saw orders rise by 69 percent.

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