Catalog Update

Wireless Communications Brochure
This four-page brochure details the company's wireless communications products, including amplifiers (LDMOS multicarrier, wireless local loop, masthead, paging power and CDMA) and multicouplers. Product photographs are provided.
AML Communications,
Camarillo, CA
(805) 388-1345.

Antenna and Accessory Brochure
This eight-page brochure describes antennas and accessories for use in wireless, wireless local area network, PCS/PCN, Global Positioning System and cellular applications. Product photographs and specifications are provided.
Antenna Research,
Beltsville, MD
(877) 272-7253 or (301) 937-8888.

BGA Design Software Brochure
This eight-page brochure details FA3ST™ ball-grid array (BGA) design software developed to lay out a complete package shell that is ready for routing. Design objectives are listed. Screen shots are provided.
Artwork Conversion Software Inc.,
Santa Cruz, CA
(831) 426-6163.

RF/Microwave Instrument Brochure
This six-page brochure provides information on RF and microwave instruments, including microwave receivers/tuners, versatile modular Eurocard computer bus extension for instrumentation products, and up- and downconverters. Product photographs are included.
Communication Solutions Inc.,
Baltimore, MD
(410) 574-4557.

DC/DC Converter Catalog
This 224-page catalog details the company's complete line of DC/DC converters, including nonisolated and single-, dual- and triple-output versions. Introductions, a selection guide and product data sheets are included with each converter. A DC/DC converter tutorial, part number index and ordering information are provided.
Mansfield, MA
(800) 233-2765
or (508) 339-3000.

Low Temperature Cofire Ceramic System Catalog
This catalog provides information on the Green Tape™ series low temperature cofire ceramic system, and is intended for use as a guide during the circuit design phase. Product enhancements and brazing and thermal design guidelines are provided. Outline drawings and technical papers are included.
DuPont Microcircuit Materials,
Wilmington, DE
(800) 557-4505 or (302) 992-3045.

Capability Brochure
This 12-page brochure describes the company's capabilities as a provider of next-level solutions for a large array of communication applications, including high definition television, wireless local area networks, satellite communications and communications-related services.
Harris Semiconductor,
Melbourne, FL

RF Connector Brochure
This four-page brochure details the company's RF connectors, including surface-mount technology coaxial, flexible PCB, low profile crimp, pitch-stacking, I/O and custom battery contact versions. Product photographs are provided.
Hirose Electric (USA) Inc.,
Simi Valley, CA
(805) 522-7958.

Spectrum Analyzer Brochure
This six-page brochure describes the company's 2390A series high performance RF and microwave spectrum analyzers, including the models 2392A (9 kHz to 2.9 GHz), 2390A (9 kHz to 22 GHz) and 2393A (9 kHz to 26.5 GHz). Applications and specifications are listed.
IFR Americas Inc.,
Wichita, KS
(800) 835-2352 or (316) 522-4981.

Wireless Product Catalog
This 94-page catalog covers the company's wireless products, including wireless system assemblies; receive multicouplers; duplexers and diplexers; transmit combiners; and receive, fixed-notch, transmit, tunable and ceramic filters. A company overview and power handling notes are included.
K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD
(410) 749-2424.

Specialty Antenna Brochure
This eight-page brochure provides information on the company's capabilities in the design, manufacture and test of custom antennas, including reflector, horn, omni, helix, log periodic and auto-tracking versions; antenna feeds; microwave components; and antenna systems.
Microwave Specialty Corp.,
San Marcos, CA
(760) 744-1544.

Precision-tuned Crystal Oscillator Catalog
This 20-page catalog overviews the company's expanded precision-tuned crystal oscillator product line designed for use in portable battery-powered cellular systems and satellite navigation and global telecommunication networks. Specifications, product photographs, technical information and a selection guide are provided.
MTI-Milliren Technologies Inc.,
Newburyport, MA
(978) 465-6064.

Broadband Noise Product Designers' Guide
This 50-page designers' guide details broadband noise products, including noise figure measurement devices, noise generators and components. Specifications, outline drawings and application notes are included.
Noise Com Inc.,
Paramus, NJ
(201) 261-8797.

Amplifier Brochure
This six-page brochure provides information on the company's full line of amplifiers (including low noise, power and general-purpose medium-power) and active multipliers. Active and passive mm-wave products also are detailed. Product photographs and specifications are provided.

QuinStar Technology Inc.,
Torrance, CA
(310) 320-1111.

Capability Catalog
This catalog describes the company and its capabilities in producing microwave, power and electromagnetic compatibility test systems. The company's engineering, manufacturing and test facilities are described and core businesses are listed.
Rantec Microwave & Electronics Inc., an ESCO company,
Calabasas, CA
(818) 223-5202.

1998/1999 Product Catalog
This 342-page catalog details the company's capabilities and products, including commercial communications products, oscillators and subsystems, military components and packaging technologies. A corporate profile is included. Outline drawings and specifications are provided.
Sawtek Inc.,
Orlando, FL
(407) 886-8860.

Solid-state Power Amplifier Brochure
This eight-page brochure describes linear and ultra-linear solid-state power amplifiers, including cellular/GSM, PCS, multichannel multipoint distribution system, wireless local loop, radio link traveling-wave tube replacement and laboratory/wideband amplifiers.
Stealth Microwave, a division of SSB Technologies Inc.,
Trenton, NJ
(609) 538-8586.

1998/1999 Measurement Product Catalog
This 700-page catalog overviews more than 1400 test and measurement products, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, power meters, signal generators, wireless communication test sets, stimulus systems, digital multimeters, power supplies, semiconductor testers, accessories and television products.
Tektronix Inc., Measurement Business Division,
Portland, OR
(800) 426-2200 or fax (503) 222-1542.

Frequency Synthesizer Solution Guide
This 16-page guide covers DC to 400 MHz direct digital synthesis (DDS) products, including arbitrary waveform and digital chirp synthesizers and phase-locked loop (PLL)/DDS LO generators, and fractional PLL products.
Osicom Technologies Inc. (formerly SCITEQ Communications Inc.), Broadband Division,
San Diego, CA
(619) 558-3960.

Capability Brochure
This six-page brochure describes the company's capabilities in the production of industrial and aerospace coatings and substrates, including electron beam evaporation, RF and DC magnetron sputtering, ion beam-assisted deposition, reactive sputtering, photolithographic patterning, gold and copper electroplating and substrate dicing.
Thin Film Technology Inc.,
Buellton, CA
(805) 688-4949.

Wireless Applications Product Catalog
This 40-page catalog details the LMR series products designed for use in wireless applications, including 11 cable sizes ranging from 0.100" to 1.670". Information is also provided on the nu-TRAC" series radiating antenna cable.

Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford , CT
(800) 867-2629 or (203) 949-8400.

Product Catalogs
These catalogs (from the company's Microwave Components Group and Active Microwave Products division) detail high performance products, including VCOs, mixers, isolators and circulators, and integrated microwave products, including custom oscillators, multipliers, comb generators, frequency synthesizers and integrated microwave assemblies.
TRAK Microwave Corp.,
Tampa, FL
(813) 884-1411.

Capability Brochure
This brochure details the company's capabilities as a manufacturer of wireless technology, including high power, solid-state amplifiers and multicarrier feedforward linearization amplifier systems for use in terrestrial, PCS, cellular, satellite and emerging wireless digital broadcast systems as well as power amplifier products for use in digital telecommunication systems.
Wavesat Télécom Inc.,
Ville St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
(514) 956-6300.

Product Brochure
This eight-page brochure provides information on products and systems for real-time, tactical signal identification for land, sea and air defense forces, including digital frequency discriminators and instantaneous frequency measurement receiver systems designed for use in radar warning receivers and electronic warfare, countermeasures and intelligence systems.
Wide Band Systems Inc.,
Rockaway, NJ
(800) 827-9433 or (973) 586-6500.

DuPont Microcircuit Materials, VCO and Synthesizer Catalog
This catalog details the company's 3 and 5 V low noise VCOs (to -112 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset) and low phase noise synthesizers for wireless communications applications. Specifications and outline drawings are included
Princeton Electronic Systems Inc. (PES),
Princeton, NJ
(609) 275-6500.

RF Connector Brochure
This six-page brochure describes high power, low frequency RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies. The SQS Super Quick coaxial connector series (which comprises panel receptacles, in- and between-series adapters, and cable assemblies) is highlighted.
Tru-Connector Corp.,
Peabody, MA
(800) 262-9878 or (978) 532-0775.

SAW Brochure
This eight-page brochure summarizes a complete line of surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters designed for use in wireless applications, and overviews the company's worldwide facilities and capabilities. Advanced packaging techniques used in the design and manufacture of these components are described.
Vectron International (VI),
Norwalk, CT
(888) 328-7661.