Z-Communications Inc., a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of RF and microwave components, is pleased to introduce a new series of RF amplifier products with the release of the PAC18700T and DRC23000M. Operating in the K-band, the PAC18700T and DRC23000M provide a unique advantage by allowing quick and simple installation into systems with their integrated supply circuitry allowing to be operated from a single power source and availability in a SMA connectorized module package.  These remarkable new RF amplifiers are further heightened by their high output power, high gain, and superior linearity.

The PAC18700T provides more than 30dBm of saturated output power and over 26dB of gain while covering the frequency band of 17.7 to 19.7GHz. This high gain amplifier operates off a single +5V power supply and offers a temperature compensated power detector with 30dB of dynamic range that can be utilized for precise gain control and ensuring a consistent power output.  Furthermore, the PAC18700T provides exceptional linearity with its 3rd order intercept point (OIP3) of 46dBm making it a preferred solution for any system requiring low intermodulation distortion. This high performance amplifier provides 50dB of isolation while designed to operate over the temperature range of -40 to 55°C and comes available in a 1.43" x 1.53" x 0.6" package.    

The DRC23000M is an ideal driver amplifier delivering greater than 16dBm of output power and 20dB of gain while operating in the frequency range of 20 to 26GHz. The DRC23000M is designed to be powered from a single +5V supply while drawing typically 300mA of current. This superior amplifier produces an excellent OIP3 performance of 26dBm which will help those designers seeking a driver, with minimum non-linear effects in a high gain amplifier chain, an optimum solution. The DRC23000M  is geared to operate over the temperature range of -40 to 55°C and is housed in a package measuring 1.2" x 1.05" x 0.6".  

Both the PAC18700T and DRC23000M are well suited for satellite communications, commercial and military radar systems, and point to point radio applications that require robust performance. Additional specifications for this product can be found on-line at: https://www.zcomm.com/products/rf-amplifiers/

For further information on the PAC18700T and DRC23000M or any other product from Z-Communications, Inc. please contact our Applications department via e-mail at applications@zcomm.com or call us at 858-621-2700.