Nokia Networks launches its third consecutive Open Innovation Challenge, which this year is focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) domain. Nokia is seeing an explosion of possibilities for consumers, industries and societies, enabled by the IoT. This year's Nokia Open Innovation Challenge offers the brightest innovators an opportunity to collaborate with the company on game-changing ideas to shape the future of the IoT industry.

Nokia’s vision is to expand the human possibilities of technology to improve people’s lives and help them thrive by enabling a programmable world where billions of people, things, sensors and devices are connected.

In the near future, all things around us like cars, parking lots, watches, shirts, and factory machines will be connected and able to automatically inform us or fulfil our needs, adapt to our behaviour or business processes, as well as learn and organize themselves. At Nokia we are already seeing an explosion of possibilities for consumers, industries and societies enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). 

Exciting use cases arise in various sectors like health, security, automotive, public safety and industrial internet. IoT applications and application enablement also offer space for innovation. Together, we'll shape the programmable world! 

“Building networks for the programmable world requires a P-O-P approach; turning networks into Platforms, Orchestrating the ecosystem, and creating the required Partnerships. Today, the pace of innovation matters more and more in our daily lives and, at Nokia, we are showing our openness to incorporating innovations from all around us by launching our third annual Open Innovation Challenge. Our objective is to reach out to the brightest innovators and experts in the IoT domain so that we, together, can help build a future that will benefit us all. I am personally committed to champion the best innovations towards global market success together with Nokia,” says Hossein Moiin, executive vice president, chief technology officer for Nokia Networks.

Nokia is accepted ideas through September 20. For more information or to submit a proposal, visit Nokia's Open Innovation Challenge 2015 website.