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Recent advances in high frequency sampling technologies have opened up a new range of solutions for traditional wideband receiver components, such as for ELINT applications. The capability to capture an RF signal’s frequency and amplitude characteristics without employing traditional conversion techniques has led to simpler and lower cost receiver architectures, enabling more receivers per system and cross correlation between the outputs of those receivers. However, the receiver chipsets need to be driven by a balanced differential signal. This splitter can be a relatively large, costly component not supplied in a packaging solution suitable to be dropped into a stripline RF structure.

To address this issue, Linwave has developed a proprietary technology allowing wideband splitting of the input signal in a surface-mount package. The LW12-700176 splitter was originally developed as a sub-component for one of the company’s multi-function microwave components. Due to its extreme decrease in physical size compared to other commercial off-the-shelf offerings – it is claimed to be over 90 percent smaller – and is now offered as a separate product.

The LW12-700176 provides two 180 degree balanced outputs with excellent phase and amplitude match from 2 to 20 GHz. Offered in a 47 × 12 mm drop-in package for easy interfacing; it is mechanically robust and has a wide operating temperature range.

Next-generation variants are now being developed to increase the upper frequency limit and provide multiple outputs, with hermetic packaging, connectorized and high power versions.

Linwave Technology Ltd.
Lincoln, UK